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What is a char?

A char is a time, a turn or an occasion, an odd job, or a womanemployed to do housework.
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What is a char boiler?

A charbroiler is a way of cooking a variety of foods at a steadytemperature. Charbroilers can be found both indoors and outdoors.Ê
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What is carbon char?

Carbon char is the remaining residue following the incomplete combustion of a hydrocarbon. This occurs in some polymers with a char-forming tendancy such as cellulose (contain ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by char?

In C and C++, a char is a primitive data type with length 1 byte.It is guaranteed to represent all integers in the closed range[0:127]. As such, it is guaranteed to represent ( Full Answer )
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What is the char force?

Char force is a term Marine Security Guards use for the cleaning people that need to be escorted in classified workspaces in embassies.
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What does a char store?

In Java A char in Java is a 16-bit integer, which maps to a subset of Unicode.. In C . A char in C is an 8-bit integer, which maps to standard ASCII.. Note that in both ( Full Answer )
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Who is char thorpe?

char thorpe is an amazing actress & singer. she is the youngest winner of a Oscar. she has wonb several Oscars. she has recently dated : earl kelly from Waterloo road, soulja ( Full Answer )
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What is char-grilled?

char grilled is lines on the meat. you can get them by turning the meat a certain way on the grill.
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What is char grilled?

it is a way of cooking without any amount of oil, and is healthy for our ...........HEALTH! it may take some time for the beginners to set up the CHARCOAL GRILLER but it is wo ( Full Answer )
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What is charring in chemistry?

Charring is the chemical process of incomplete or interrupted combustion of solids when subjected to high heat intensities. When we subject a solid to heat, charring interf ( Full Answer )