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Are there chat-rooms and chat-line devoted to adult roleplaying?

Yes there are some. . As far as I am aware there are no other adult roleplay communities of any significant size or activity - most of the others are either tiny or dyi (MORE)
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What were the fireside chats?

The fireside chats were messages that President FranklinRoosevelt made on the radio. They were called fireside chatsbecause when you chat by the fire, you feel calm and rela (MORE)
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Sites for chatting?

Top 50 Chat Sites - . 321Chat Number of Chatters: < 500 Software: [Stelivo] Mobile Friendly: Yes Webcams: Yes Registration: No 321 Chat o (MORE)
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Is chatting safe?

It is not safe to chat online with people you have not met inperson. There is too much risk of people misrepresentingthemselves.
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What is dirty chatting?

\nTalking specifically about what your wants and desires are. There is no way around the dirty words, and you will have to face it. It may come crude but in the end you'll be (MORE)
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What is voodoo chatting?

Voodoo Chat is a free graphical chat community! Using Web pages as a backdrop, Voodoo Chat lets you chat with old and new friends in a well-blended environment that lets you f (MORE)
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What is social chatting?

it is when you are always talking to people you dont know like imvu,myspace and facebook. these are social chats
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What are the advantages of chatting?

It's formal to talk to someone so you can't hide what you really feel. . It doesn't cost a penny . You can see the other person . It's easier to make friends .
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Why Chatting is bad?

In the right forum chatting is perfectly OK. WikiAnswers is not a chat site, it is a place for useful questions and answers.
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How can you get paid for chatting?

If chatting means asking questions then surveying is a good idea. You can do this by joining a market research department.
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Why is chatting dangerous?

Chatting on via text or via e-mail is dangerous because there are creeps and stalkers in this world that could hurt you physically and/or emotionally. Because people like me c (MORE)
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Is chatting bad?

Yes, because it can share your personal information.
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What is bare chats?

An extremely exciting daily evening event designed by Sam Warrenesq. and Joe Doherty esq.
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Can chatting be safe?

On the internet, some websites block inapporopriate words, like swear words. And some other ones have onliners choose words from a dictionary of words they can say.. In the w (MORE)
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What is video chatting?

It is when you talk to another person over the internet and two webcams.
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What rhymes with chatted?

(as if) it (/that) mattered batted battered caryatid chattered clattered fatted flatted formatted (high-) hatted hydatid matted patted pitapatted plaited platt (MORE)
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Is chatting a verb?

Yes, chatting, meaning to talk, is an action, so it is a verb. A verb is a word that describes an action ( run, walk, etc ), a state of being ( exist, stand, etc ) or occurre (MORE)
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What were firseide chats?

Fireside Chats were created by Franklin D. Roosevelt after he was elected. How is worked was he could go into a radio station and just talk to his people to give them ease and (MORE)