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How do you make a chit?

A chit is easy to make! . A "chit" is the term used in many British background countries for a receipt or note. You can make it on anything available--toilet tissue or napk ( Full Answer )
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What is a chit fund?

Chit-Funds are a popular mode of saving cum borrowing from time immemorial. The concept of Chit Fund is based upon the principal of mutuality, whereby a group of persons parti ( Full Answer )
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Chit den bulan November?

?????? Chitnya gw udah punya sih ~ tapi key codenya gw g tau :( kalau Ada yg tau tolong kirim ke email Gw : atau d ( Full Answer )
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What is form number for a Navy light duty chit?

All light duty chits are internally generated for each unit. There is usually a normal format that they follow but you really only need a medical officer's stamp and signature ( Full Answer )
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How do you do plan chit?

A Ouija board can be an interesting experience. Some believe it is a doorway to another world and warn against its use, but most people see it as a harmless diversion, especia ( Full Answer )
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What is the commission in shriram chits?

You can learn everything you want to know about shriram chits at the below web site. Catch Life - Use The Net theonlinehe ( Full Answer )
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Is Rose valley Real estate a chit fund?

Rose Valley 25 Proud act. Pulley Chit fund. Plase Clear. I am not clear.Plase rectified.
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What is chit fund company?

A Chit fund company means a company managing, conducting or supervising, as foremen, agent or in any other capacity, chits as defined in Section 2 of the Chit Funds Act, 1982. ( Full Answer )
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What doese chitting mean?

soaking seed with water and allowing them to grow and using the same for sowing is termed as chitting
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How do you play chit chat city?

To walk around you hold the mouse button. First you want to make your house.Find the propety locater and find a for sale sign and click that. 2nd you want to make your h ( Full Answer )
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Are there any games like Chit Chat City?

There are no other games like CCC, but there is another game that is just as addicting. It is a game called transformice where you are a mouse. The goal is to try to get the c ( Full Answer )
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How do you make your chit chat city avatar buyable?

To sell you're avatar costumes you must own a piece of land then goto the CCC Furniture Store and buy one of the white blocks for10,000 place the blocks on you're land and you ( Full Answer )
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How can you do a plan chit?

The best way to conduct a planchit is to use a Ouija board. This istrue especially if the "caller" is a novice.
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Does chit chat city cost?

No, I'm on it now for free. 8D But I guess if there's something to do with being a VIP, which I don't really know of, then yeah, I guess it would cost to do that. But other th ( Full Answer )
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How do you Buy a House in chit chat city?

You go to any town but not the graveyard and you will thind then u will see a if u just go down a little bit u will see the propity locater
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How do you talk to avatars in chit chat city?

At the bottom of the screen you will see it says 'to everyone'. Basically just click next to it and there is a greyish/whiteish bar. There you type and enter!
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Where do you buy sign posts on chit chat city?

If you go to shopping city and go to the general store right by thearea you spawn in you can find it by the wall across from themirrors
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How do you get a CAR on chit chat city?

How To Get A Car On Chit Chat City . First go to shopping city . Go North . And then you will find the CCC Object Factory! . Go inside and make your own car it costs y ( Full Answer )
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What are World War 2 chits?

Chits were given to soldiers for different things like meals, pay etc in lieu of real money
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Can you become a police chit chat city?

you can just sign up or register then you can buy a house P's put in your house a maze and a jail and then you change your name color orange play 100 hours and then you will b ( Full Answer )
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What is chit in Jane Eyre?

Could mean a flag or a signal banner. It is known that aside from being onomatopoetic (and automobile-sounding) Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang) was a GI term for the (retreat Flag Ca ( Full Answer )
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How do you remove a tree in chit chat city?

Click on delete object on the left of the building screen thenclick on the tree. Also, you have to wait a few hours, sometimes a whole day to edityour house. You can't remove ( Full Answer )
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How much does it cost to play Chit Chat Bingo?

Each game on Chit Chat Bingo can cost from five cents to a few dollars. In order to first start a customer must deposit at least 10 pounds as it is a UK based website.
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What are some synonyms for the term 'chit'?

The word "chit" is a noun, it means "bill" and has to be with money or cash. Some synonyms for the term "chit" are check, draft, memo, memorandum, note, tab, voucher.
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Where can you get a job on chit chat city?

There are many things you can do on Chit Chat City but getting ajob is not one of them. To earn coins you can go to the cemeteryand even fishing. If you have anymore questions ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Chit Chat - 2010?

The cast of Chit Chat - 2010 includes: Juanes as himself Julissa Bermudez as Herself - Hostess Sabrina Bryan as Herself - Host Mario Lopez as himself Constance Marie as Hersel ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Chit Chung Ong written?

Chit Chung. Ong has written: 'The landward defence of Singapore, 1919-1938' -- subject(s): Fortification, Singapore Naval Base 'Operation Matador' -- subject(s): World War ( Full Answer )
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What are some chit chat city cheats?

There are sadly no chit chat city cheats. Unless you are reallylaggy, then you might be able to glitch.
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How you make payments in chit fund company?

Is it accurate tosay that you are searching for ERP programming that can give you anentire answer for Chit Fund Management? Here we present the MobileAnd Web Based Software wi ( Full Answer )