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Is there any value to a 33 collage album titled do it now the do it now foundation was an anti-drug foundation circa 1970 20 giant hits?

The value of the lp is probably more historical than monetary. Do It Now Foundation is still in existence as a innovative not-for-profit producer of substance abuse preventi (MORE)
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Why isn't Fred archer given his due credit for conceiving the zone system concept and co-inventing the system along with ansel Adams at the art center college in los angeles circa 1939?

Perhaps it is due to the Ansel Adam's prolific application of the technique, which made him far better known. There are plenty of articles that recognize Archer as the creator (MORE)
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Who recorded the controversial Song really a narrative poemDeck Of Cards which used almost illiterate arguments to attmept to reconcile Gambling and Christianity It was aHit circa l96l but who perform?

'Deck of Cards' (A Soldiers Prayerbook) was written by T. Texas Tyler in 1948. the most well known version is probably that by Tex Ritter. The Version released closest to 1961 (MORE)
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You are looking for the words to an old poem you think it's called Little Joe Tunney It was published in Childcraft book Vol 2 circa 1961 I don't know the author?

It was written by Rebecca McCann. Here it is- Little Joe Tunney By Rebecca McCann There was a little boy And his name was Joe Tunney, He had but one failing: He (MORE)
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What is the Italian 'circa' in English?

'About' is an English equivalent of 'circa'. But 'roughly, around, approximately' may be other equivalents. Sometimes the original Italian is used, particularly in the case o (MORE)