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Who first used the word circa?

The meaning of the word circa originated in Indo-European times andlater became a part of the Greek vocabulary. In the middle 1800's,it assumed its current form of "circa" fro ( Full Answer )
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What does ff mean after a circa date?

I believe it means "following." For example, on a timeline of US History, Industrialization (1830 ff.) would mean that the process of industrialization in the U.S. started in ( Full Answer )
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What is a circa date?

A "circa date" is an approximate date used when the exact date of an event is not known.
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Is there an abbreviation for circa?

The abbreviation for circa is c. or ca. It is generally used inside parens, and here is an example: The journey began early in the century ( ca. 1820), but the explor ( Full Answer )
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What does salary negotiable circa mean?

When a job description says 'salary negotiable circa' it simplymeans that the amount you will receive as pay is negotiable.However, it depends on experience.
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What does circa mean before a date?

\n Circa Means Approximately or in other words about. To help you remember the definition think about a circle And the circuit think about around it so for example a sent ( Full Answer )
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Is there a symbol for a circa date?

No. The symbol for the word circa is merely an abbreviation; the lowercase letter "c", followed by a dot, like this:. c. 1700. Also acceptable is the abbreviation "ca."
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What does circa 100k means?

it means around about the number 100, 000 example circa 1970 means around the year 1970
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What does circa stand for?

Circa is a Latin word meaning "about," "around," or "near." If a document says someone was born "circa 1874," for example, it means that person was born around 1874, but the ( Full Answer )
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What does the word circa mean?

"Circa" is Latin for "around" or "about". "circa 1964" = around 1964. . Circa is used in front of a particular year to say that this is the approximate date when something h ( Full Answer )
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How do you use circa in a sentence?

Circa means "around" or "about". If the exact date of an event is uncertain, "circa" may be used to indicate that the date is somewhere within about 10 years of the "circa" ye ( Full Answer )
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What does circa 1950 mean?

The phrase "circa 1950" means "some time around 1950." The word "circa" is Latin for "about" or "near".
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When was circa invented?

"Circa" was not invented. It is a classical Latin word meaning "about" or "near." Because classical Latin was used in many European writings until the 19th century, and even l ( Full Answer )
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How long is circa?

The Latin word 'circa' means 'around'. In genealogy, it is used when we don't know exactly what year an event happened, but it was around the date given.
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Which Country's Currency is circa?

'circa' may not be a currency at all; if your referent says 'circa', it may mean 'about'
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What is the Symbol for the word circa?

In math, it may look like this: ~ Wikipedia also states: Circa (often abbreviated c. , ca. , ca or cca. and sometimes italicized to show it is Latin)
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Do circa survive have a acoustic song?

Yes, Circa Survive actually has many acoustic songs. These songs are: [Blue Sky Noise album] Get Out (Acoustic), I Felt Free (Acoustic) Dyed in the Wool (Acoustic), Every Way ( Full Answer )
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Where is Circa Survive recording at?

Their latest recording was completed in April 2012 at Studio 4 Recording Studios, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.
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What does born circa mean?

I think born circa means that someone was born and they don't know the date.
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What is the Italian 'circa' in English?

'About' is an English equivalent of 'circa'. But 'roughly, around, approximately' may be other equivalents. Sometimes the original Italian is used, particularly in the case o ( Full Answer )
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What store can you buy circa shoes at?

You can get circa Lopez shoes in several places. But the only place I found 'em are journeys in Maryland Harford Mall, or a local skate shop
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Is Anthony green from circa survive bisexual?

Yes, actually. If you search for "Anthonycirca Green" on Facebook, and pull the profile up, you'll find that he is, in fact, married to a woman.. But he also makes it clear th ( Full Answer )
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What does circa 1920s mean?

circa means around or about. so circa 1920's means one of the years in the 1920's.
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What are the usages for circa?

"Circa" is Latin for "around." It is mostly used when describing prehistoric dates. The abbreviation is c. Example: Bronze-working in the Shang Dynasty started c. 1500 BC.
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Is cc the abbreviation for circa?

no, just c. cc is most commonly used as the abbreviation for cubic centimeter, especially in medicine.
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What is a Martin ukulele circa 1930 worth?

Martins from this time era are quite valuable. The two biggest items will be condition and the model number. The low end model in really good condition can go for around $4 ( Full Answer )
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Who are part of the Circa Survive?

Circa Survive is a rock band from Doylestown, a suburb of Philadelphia. The band consists of Anthony Green, Colin Frangicetto, Brendan Ekstrom, Nick Beard, and Stephen Cliffo ( Full Answer )
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Where can one try on Circa skate shoes?

A good skateboard shop may be able to accomodate one who wishes to try and buy the Circa skate shoes. One may also want to rent a pair prior to purchasing. Reviewing classifie ( Full Answer )
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How large is the range of Levenger Circa notebooks?

Levenger Circa notebooks are a convenient was to help you organize your notes, keep track of addresses and agendas, and help you to plan your day. The notebooks, address book ( Full Answer )
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What products are offered by Circa Skate?

Mens and womens shoes which are very stylish and have a nice retro look to them.The price range from $25.99 to $65 they are a popular brand worn by many people.
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What kind of shoes are Circa Lopez?

Circa Lopez shoes are high heel shoes for women. The heels are six inches long and very hard to walk in. THe heels have have many negative reviews and create feet problems.