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What is a circle?

A circle is the set of all the points that are the same (arbitrary)distance (called the radius) from some (arbitrary) point (calledthe center).
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What is the Antarctic Circle?

The Antarctic Circle is the parallel of latitude at 66°30' S. It is the northern limit of where the Sun neither rises on the summer solstice nor sets on the winter solstice ( Full Answer )
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How do get the radius of a circle?

The radius of a circle is calculated by measuring the distance from the centre of the circle to any point (In a straight line) of the outside of the circle. (2 or 2 pi r) :)
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What is the unit circle?

The unit circle is a circle that can be used to find trigonometric functions.. The equation of the unit circle is x^2 + y^2 = 1.. So it is any circle with radius 1.
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What is a circumference of a circle?

The distance around the perimeter. c=distance around r=The radius of a circle is the length of the line from the center to any point on its edge D= the distance across the cir ( Full Answer )
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What are circles?

Circles are a never ending object. They have no starting and no ending point. They have a center point and from the center to the edge of the circle is the same distance aroun ( Full Answer )
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Why is a circle a circle?

Each point on the perimeter is equidistant from the centre. and because it is. what type of question is that anyways?
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Is arctic circle a great circle?

No. The only line of latitude that is a great circle is the equator. Incidentally, any pair of longitude lines 180 degrees apart from each other would form a great circle.
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Is the Arctic Circle a great circle?

No.. Any great circle on the earth has a circumference of about 24,000 miles.. The circumference of the Arctic Circle (and the Antarctic circle too) is about 9,945 miles.. ( Full Answer )
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Four circles in a large circle?

4.375, i know this because i know the full question due to me doing it at school so there is your answer if you need it
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Why is circle called a circle?

it is called circle because it is circular. circular means smooth, rounded edges. a circle matches that description.
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What is circle in a theater?

A circle is essentially a group or network of socially connected people, typically people who interact frequently with each other.
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What does a circle have?

A radius of 'x' units. A diameter of '2x' units. A circumference of '2(pi)x' units. An area of '(pi)x 2' units, where x is a positive real number.
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Why is the pupil a circle?

The pupil is a hole surrounded by the iris which is the colored part of your eye. The pupil gets bigger and smaller because the iris expands or contracts to let more or less l ( Full Answer )
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How do you label a circle?

There are a few ways that you can. 1. Circumference- the distance around the circle. 2. Diameter- the distance from one midpoint to the opposite midpoint. 3. Radius- The ( Full Answer )
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Exterior of a circle?

is a set of point in the plane of the circle whse distance from the center are greatertan the radius
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How do you get a circle circumference?

Find the diameter, then multiply that by Pi (about 3.1416). The result is the circle's circumference.
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When do you circle the Kaaba?

You circle around the Kaaba as a worship to Allah for example in omrah or haj
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What is an an arc of a circle?

It's the drawing you have if you began to draw a circle but the pencil point broke before you finished.
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How do you get he circumference of a circle?

To get the circumference of a circle first you have to find the diameter of the circle and multiply the diameter by Pi (3.14 in short). so it is the diameter * Pi.
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What do circles symbolize?

Infinite or never ending cycles. Maybe of good and evil or birth and death or highs and lows.
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Tangent of a circle is what?

The tangent of a circle is a line that touches the circle at one point.
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Do concentric circles have the same circles?

No. You can only define a circle by radius, diameter, area, perimeter. Concentric circles have the same centre, therefore, if they were the same circles with the same radius, ( Full Answer )
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What is the circle?

it is a round shape that you should know before going to nursery soyou should know
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How do you get circle?

A circle is the set of all points in two dimensional space that are at the same distance from some fixed point.
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Is Antarctic Circle a great circle?

The Antarctic Circle is a line of latitude -- about 66 degrees S --beyond which the geography experiences at least one 24-hour periodof no sunrise/ sunset per year.
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Why is a circle called a circle?

It comes from the Latin. " Circus " means ring. " Circulus " means "small ring." That got shortened to "circle."