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Is civ 4 a base game?

Civilization IV is a TBSG (or turn-based strategy game). In it every player would take turns moving or giving commands to each of their active pieces (such as say a scout or a ( Full Answer )
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Defendant failed to answer complaint. I filed a civ 100 entry of default and won .Defendant appeal DENIED. My complaint was for quiet title full recon of property and montary damages.Nxt step?

You will need to file a Motion for Presentation (or similar form, as it might not be called that in your jurisdiction) and get a hearing date. At the presentation hearing, pre ( Full Answer )
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Is there a world builder on civ 5?

Yes there is. It WA released a few days after the actual game was. It is a separate program and you can get it from Steam in the tools section.
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Will civ 5 come out on xbox 360?

Sid Meier's Civilization V is not available for the Xbox 360 just the PC and Mac
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What type of game genre is CIV 4?

The game CIV 4 is set in 4000 BC. It's an Ancient Historical game and the player is a settler who starts off building a single city, before expanding it into a full empire.
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Where can one purchase Civ IV?

One can purchase the video game Civilization IV from Amazon for $8.86. It is available on both disc and as a digital download. One can also purchase from Amazon Marketplace or ( Full Answer )
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What is the Civ Fanatics website about?

The website Civ Fanatics is a website dedicated to the popular strategy game Sid Meier's Civilization. This is a continuing game that is currently into its fifth remake. This ( Full Answer )
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Can i run civ 5?

Most computers with a dual core and 8GB of hard drive space can runCivilization 5.
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What would be your next step under Rules of Civil Procedure if the court grants the motion to dismiss and the dismissal is without prejudice this is a final appeal-able order Civ R 54b?

Assuming that this is only the first time that you have filed thelawsuit, a dismissal "without prejudice" means that you can file itagain. But the reason that it was dismissed ( Full Answer )