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What is claims?

Answer . It is a department or an action. You die, your beneficiary calls the insurance claims department and places a death claim with them. Your beneficiary receives a (MORE)
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What is encounter claims?

Encounter Claim - An Encounter Claim is a claim submitted by the provider that records services rendered by the provider. Encounter claims have previously been paid by a cont (MORE)
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Who claimed Newfoundland?

Newfoundland was discovered and explored by João FernandezLavrador, a Portuguese explorer. He explored the area in 1498. Thearea called Labrador is said to be named som (MORE)
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What Are Insurance Claims?

An Insurance Claim is an act wherein, a person who is insured or a person who is the next of kin to the insured contacts the insurance company to get some money due them. F (MORE)
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Who claimed Virginia?

The English claimed Virginia in 1607
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Who claimed America?

you all know that Christopher Columbus discovered America, but he didn't step a foot on America... So America was claimed by Amerigo Vespucci. You can tell by the name America (MORE)
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Who claimed Angola?

Angola is an African country located below Congo and next toZambia. It was claimed by Portugal during the 1880s CE.
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What does a medical claims do?

Medical claims are the compensation you willget when you suffered medical malpractice on the hands of a healthcare provider. You can seek consultation to a medical negligencel (MORE)
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What are moral claims?

Moral [ethical] claims are claims about important values. Not all value judgments are moral judgments. If you prefer orange juice to grapefruit juice, that is a value judgmen (MORE)
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Who claimed Greenland?

1. Greenland is an autonomous country. 2. This country is also a part of Denmark. 3. The trend is for the total independence of Greenland.
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What does a claims adjuster do?

Claims Adjusters are the ones who investigate insurance claims by doing some investigations and consultations to different people such as police, hospital personnel, and other (MORE)
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Who claimed California?

Spain, Russia, England, and the United States
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What does a claims specialist do?

Investigate, evaluate and settle claims, applying technical knowledge and human relations skills to effect fair and prompt disposal of cases and to contribute to a reduced los (MORE)
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What is a claime?

Verb:. State or assert that something is the case, typically without providing evidence or proof.. Noun:. An assertion of the truth of something, typically one that is disp (MORE)
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How do you spell claimed?

That is the correct spelling of "claimed" (alleged ownership).
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Is claimed an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Claimed is the past tense and pastparticiple of the verb "to claim."