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What is claims?

Answer . It is a department or an action. You die, your beneficiary calls the insurance claims department and places a death claim with them. Your beneficiary receives a (MORE)
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What is a claim?

In an essay, a claim is a writer's main argument.
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How do you make a claim?

Call your insurance companies claims department or your insurance agent.
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What is gross claim and net claim?

I would guess that your gross claim is the total amount of damages done and your net claim is the damages less your deductible. The gross claim may also include the cost of ad (MORE)
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Why does he claim you as his?

men want to claim something as their own. so they take the closest thing. think of a dog marking their territory. its just letting other guys know not to even get near you in (MORE)
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Can you claim eic if you do not claim income?

No. You must report income to receive the Earned Income Credit. You must file a tax return to receive the credit, even if you otherwise would not have to. Any amount of the cr (MORE)
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Can you claim single and claim dependents?

Yes this is possible. You will know the amount after you complete your income tax return. Go to and use the search box type FREE TAX HELP AVAILABLE NATION WIDE
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What does a claims adjuster do?

Claims Adjusters are the ones who investigate insurance claims by doing some investigations and consultations to different people such as police, hospital personnel, and other (MORE)
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What is goodwill claim?

In the auto business, manufacturers will sometimes honor a warranty claim even if the warranty has expired, or didn't cover the problem. They do this as a matter of "goodwill" (MORE)
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What is an objective claim?

assert that something actually exist and present evidence that is demonstrably factual.
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Who claimed California?

Spain, Russia, England, and the United States
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Is claim a preposition?

No, it is not a preposition. The word claim can be a verb, or anoun, also as an adjunct or adjective (claim ticket, claim form).
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How do you claim your laptop?

Dear ............, I am writing a report due a faul with your product. I would be appreciated if you could repair the fault on the mentioned product. I am looking forward t (MORE)
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What is claim in science?

A scientific claim is, basically, a prediction of an experiment's outcome.
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How do you claim a gift?

How you claim a gift will depend on what site the gift is from and what their policies are. Any legitimate free gift will be accompanied by clear instructions on how to claim (MORE)
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How do you claim LTA?

You need to first be on a travel with your family. The travel expense (bus/train tickets) can be claimed as LTA If you get LTA as a fixed amount each year, you submit this (MORE)
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Can I claim?

On the 30th of March this year coming home from work I hit a veryhorrible uneven piece of road, it was a recent refurbished piecethat has sunk and created in away a speed bump (MORE)