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What is the statute of limitation that a landlord has to rerurn a security deposit that is clamed by a tenant 16 years latter a tenant say you owe a secuity deposit?

In WA, the statue of limitations is 6 years. Your state's may be more or less, but I am sure that the tenant's claim is time barred. If you are facing a lawsuit, consult an at ( Full Answer )
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Is the camren windstead story true was she pushed into a sewer during a fire drill then the police found a dead body of a 17 year old and then did the people who pushed her in clame that she fell?

Okay so my older friend shes 23 got a message like that! And so she never even sended that!!! And what do u know shes still alive!! and who ever did that should get a life bea ( Full Answer )
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Can anyone help with native American denies workers compensation clame of non-native American?

Bozho (hello) Sorry to hear about your injury and I hope that you are doing well! Workmans comp claims are hard to win NO matter what race it happens to, it all depends on the ( Full Answer )
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Has any one clamed to be a vampire?

Yes, some quite seriously, but then there are people who have claimed to be a tree and tried to get their children to marry such themselves.
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I am doing my tax return and i am claming my lilttle brother who is in Mexico and i have only earned 2930 who much who i get in my tax return?

Each exemption reduced the taxable income by the amount of the exemption. For 2008, the exemption amount is $3,500. . They are two types of exemptions personal exemptions and ( Full Answer )
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How can you stop someone from claming false copyright on YouTube?

you can't unless by some slim chance you know the person where they live excetra..Same reason why hackers are extremely hard to catch they can keep from being foundunless they ( Full Answer )
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How long can Pennsylvania hold someone with a 4 year old case claming failure to appear to felonies to Maryland?

If MD has been notified of your capture, and the extradition process has begun, it can take - as long as it takes. There are certain steps in the legal process that each state ( Full Answer )
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Did the Netherlands clame land in north america?

New york was originally new amsterdam. So yes, they did have land in n america. But the dutch are a more fiscally minded people, and those that had settled in new amsterdam we ( Full Answer )
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You found a dog sixs months ago and no one clamed it now they want to take the dog would the dog legally be your dog after you having possession for six months?

I am not for certain, but I think it would belong to the person who actually bought the dog. But if you don't know for sure if it is truly theirs MAKE SURE FIRST! Think of it ( Full Answer )
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Not married non custodial parent can i clame my son on my taxs?

No IRS Deduction Regardless of any custody agreement, or court order the IRS has it's own definition of who the custodial parent is. Section 152(e)(4) defines custodial p ( Full Answer )
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What does clame mean in french?

clame comes for the verb 'clamer', meaning to shout or say in a very loud voice.
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What is claming in horse racing events?

If your horse passes the physical inspection, and if you have an owners lisence for a horse then you have the trainor drop in a claim slip and hope your horse wins
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Can you clame chapter 11 to get out of theft by deception?

No you will need a written or court honored verbal confession from whomever persuaded you and why you fell for it. ans First C-11 is used only by corporations to do a re ( Full Answer )
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What do you do after you get the claming potion cocunut on poptropica?

You keep going right until you see a fisherman standing next to a big wooden machine. click on the wooden machine, and you can feed the shark by shooting the potion coconut. I ( Full Answer )
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Why is one part of antarctica still not clamed?

The Antarctic Treaty negates all existing claims and prohibits any future claims, as of 1960, when it was enacted by agreement of the governments representing 80% of the earth ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of the word clame?

Clame is an alternat spelling of the word clam which is a shellfish. The word clam was probably first used before the 12th century in England. Its origin may be traced to an ( Full Answer )