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Where is County Clare?

It's in Ireland on the west coast between Co. Galway and Co. Kerry.. Answer: . There is also a Clare located in Michigan. It is near Harrison and Mount Pleasant. It is sai ( Full Answer )
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Why did Saint Clare become a saint?

Saint Clare of Assisi was one of Saint Francis of Assisi's firstfollowers. She became a saint because of her good works, includingthe creation of a new order of nuns who serve ( Full Answer )
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What is a nickname for clare?

One of my friends is named Claire and her nicknames are: 1) Clay 2) Ce Ce 3) Chic [Pronounced "Sheek"
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Who is clare sweeny?

Here is some more information that will answer your question better than I can. She is a singer and actress and was on Big Brother:. ( Full Answer )
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Who was St. Clare?

St Clare was a woman of devotion care love faith. St. Clare of Assisi (16 July, 1194 - 11 August, 1253) co-founded the Catholic Church's Order of Poor Ladies , also kno ( Full Answer )
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What does clare stand for?

Clare stands for CRAZY LUNATICS AT ROCKIN' ELEVATORATES. (an elevatorate is a random place for people to do cartwheels and listen to Carl Williams music.)
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How do you say I love you Clare in spanish?

me encanta clare (it might be 'mi' but im not sure ) or if u wanted to say 'i love you' me (it might be mi) encanta tu :) ! :)
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How do you get to Galway from Clare?

Galway and Clare are neighbouring counties, sharing a large border. Galway is north of Clare. It is very easy to get to Galway from Clare.
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Is Dustin Clare married?

Dustin Clare is not married. As of 2014, he is his co-star fromSatisfaction. Her name is Camille Keenan and she is from NewZealand.
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How many children did John Clare have?

I am doing a research paper on John Clare. After going through many sources, I have not seen any with the mention of children, except one. I do not believe that he had childre ( Full Answer )
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What book is Clare reading in Degrassi?

Fortnight. Haha, its like vampire books. Check her twitter or find it out @ it'll say clare (under characters) and its her background
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What is Eli hiding from Clare?

Eli is actually hiding a secret from Clare. A year before his old girlfriend,Julia, and him had a fight. She was upset and left on her bike in the night, then got hit by a c ( Full Answer )
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Do clare and Eli from degrassi get together?

Clare and Eli go out towards the end of the boiling point! What happens is Clare, Eli, and Adam work together on a project for English class, were they have to act out a scene ( Full Answer )
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Will clare leave degrassi?

yes clare will leave degrassi because it takes place as a high school drama as in when she is a senior/12th grade she will leave degrassi
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What happens in Maude Clare?

From my understanding, Maude Clare has sex with the Lord and then he marries Nell instead but he still has feelings for Maude Clare, and Nell knows this. The poem has 3 differ ( Full Answer )
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What type of person is Saint Clare?

Saint Clare of Assisi was a wonderful, cheerful child of a rather well off count. Saint Clare loved God, and, after hearing St. Francis preach, she went off and received the ( Full Answer )
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What college did Cassandra Clare attend?

She has noted that she does not want to publish this information on the internet as it has nothing to do with her books.
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Is Mullingar in Clare?

Nope. It is in Co.Westmeath. Here is some INFO on it. The Cathedral of Christ the King . Mullingar. Location in Ireland . Coordinates: 53.5224°N 7.337 ( Full Answer )
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Is Saint Clare an Irish saint?

No. She is an Italian Saint. She was a disciple of St. Francis of Assisi.
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How old is Clare Oliver?

Clare Oliver was born on August 25, 1981 and died on September 13, 2007. Clare Oliver would have been 26 years old at the time of death or 33 years old today.
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Do Lutherans recognize St. Clare?

Lutherans don't recognize any saints. Martin Luther realized that the concept of sainthood was not biblical and was damaging to social order. Sainthood means that a person is ( Full Answer )
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What did Saint Clare of Assisi work as?

Before she founded the religious group which bears her name, she really didn't work. She was the daughter of a local noble family. They opposed her joining St. Francis's movem ( Full Answer )
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Where was Gilbert de Clare born?

Gilbert De Clare was born of the second of September 1243 and he died in 1295 at the age of 52
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Why is Clare Valley in Australia unique?

First of all, Clare Valley is one of the best paradises for havingwinery tour. Then it posses all needs that requires for a family.From museum to skydiving. Every year many pe ( Full Answer )
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What is postcode for county Clare in Ireland?

Ireland does not have postcodes. So you would end any address for county Clare as: Co. Clare Ireland For internet forms, use IE if asked for a code for anywhere in Ir ( Full Answer )
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Is county Clare in southern Ireland?

Clare is in the midwest of Ireland. If you are referring to southern Ireland, in terms of differentiating it from Northern Ireland, then yes it is in what is incorrectly known ( Full Answer )
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What is Clare Balding best known for?

Clare Victoria Balding is a sports television presenter and journalist from Britain. She mainly appears on BBC1, Channel 4 and sometimes on the radio too.
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What does Clare Nasir contribute to the world?

Clare Nasir, besides being a popular and trusted meteorologist, is also a spokesperson for nuclear energy companies, promoting its clean air and low cost.
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What is Clare Short famous for?

Clare Short of Britain is most famous for her criticism of Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair. She was a long standing member of the British Labour Party, however server her la ( Full Answer )
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Where is Clare Valley located?

Clare Valley is located in the country of Australia. More specifically it is located in the mid northern part of South Australia. It is around 120 km from the city of Adelaide ( Full Answer )