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How do you clear history?

Follow the proceedures (Windows Internet Explorer Only): . Hold CTRL + Shift and press Del . Opt the information you wish to delete . Press "OK"
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How do you get clear skin?

Well, if you want clear skin, you will need to cut back on the sweets, because it is so thick and it can cog your pores. So, make sure you drink lots of fluids. When you wash ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear acne?

Some of my VERY important facts about acne 85% of teenagers experience acne Having acne does not mean your dirty your diet does not effect your acne acne can be genet ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear sinuses?

Well, You get over-the-counter meds for nasal relief or just buy them at a local drugstore
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How do you clear your cache?

Indiana University has a tutorial for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android, and a couple of mobiles. It is a very simple step by step breakdown. See the related ( Full Answer )
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How to clear sinuses?

A bowl of steaming hot water and salt, put your face over it and breath in through your nose
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Why is your sperm clear?

Sperm can take a lot of forms. Chunks, clear a water, goop, it is all normal. Masturbation usually cause clear sperm.
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How do you clear your mind?

There are many ways to clear your mind! Start out by just thinking about everthing/anything you want to clear in your mind. CRy, laugh, smail. Then, you have to think of somet ( Full Answer )
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Why is water clear?

First of all, let us consider the possible reasons for a material not to be clear - it has to interact with, and disrupt the path of light that hits it. The main reasons are ( Full Answer )
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How can you get clear skin?

I have really struggled to get clear skin over the past couple of years, but the key thing to do it stick to a routine of washing your face morning and night and then putting ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear THC?

Take penicillin drink cranberry juice mixed wit a teaspoon of clorox and it will be gone in one day
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What is the opposite of clear?

Clear (understandable) has the opposites unclear, obtuse, or puzzling Clear (away from) has opposites proximate, near, or close Clear (transparent) has opposites opaq ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear the cookies?

Open Safari and at the top left of the screen next to the apple Click on "SAFARI"; Click on "reset safari" and then look at the list of options that they give you. Delete cook ( Full Answer )
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Is blood clear?

No blood is not clear it's a purple to blue color before it hit oxygen that's why when you look at your veins there blue and when you cut or scratch your self the blood comes ( Full Answer )
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Why do you clear in badminton?

You clear in badminton to get the birdie far and high. It also putsyour opponent at the back of the court if you land a good clear.
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What is clearing code?

Clearing codes are used to route payments between banks within countries Bank clearing and routing
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What is clearing in hockey?

Clearing is when defensemen shoot the puck to the other end of the ice in an effort to relieve play at their end of the ice. However, this may lead to the icing of the puck.
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Why were the wargs at the clearing?

The wargs are there to meet the goblins. They are going on a raid to kill the settlers in the valley.
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When do you get the clear bell?

you might half to use ATM or an hm it might be whirlwind but i even haven't got it yet
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Why do you clear a cache?

that depends.. if you are using IE IE browser 2.go to tools tab Internet Option should be seeing delete (for other versions it might be delete ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear a computer?

the procedure depends on operating system you use in your computer. for windows xp/7 just download ccleaner.. its free...
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Why is the cornea clear?

The cornea is clear because you have to see through it so it is clear!
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Where to get a clear bell?

In Pokemon Heart gold/Silver you get the clear bell after defeating the kimono girls you fight them after you complete the blackthorn city gym and get the master ball. They ar ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear allergies?

Reduce and if possible remove the allergen, and take medication if needed. Medication includes nasal spray (steroid) and allergy pills.
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Does your record clear?

Yes, your record will clear when you become an adult at the age of 18. At that time, you will get to start with a clean slate unless it's a search from the FBI, the offenses a ( Full Answer )
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What Are clear baukgan?

clear bakugan are poplar because thay can take the same gate boost as your opponents bakugan attribute
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How do you clear a StringBuffer?

Set length of buffer to zero to clear a StringBuffer instance. Example: StringBuffer buf = new StringBuffer(); // ... use buffer buf.setLength(0); // buffer now h ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear your blackheads?

Well you would squeeze them until the puss comes out, or you can use a cream called Queen Helene mint julep masque, its very thick. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose, thei ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear a disc?

if you have cleaning spray or water a napkin a little andrub it on the disk then dry it with some soft part on your shirt
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How did you clear your skin?

The way I cleared my skin is by not doing anything , I realized that when I washed it and it got extremely dry the pimples just disappeared , also keep your hands away from yo ( Full Answer )
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What is a clear transparent?

Transparent means something you can see through (any color), so if its CLEAR transparent, its like water. It's no color.
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When does your record clear?

It depends.For example if u just got out of jail ur record doesn't clear for approximately 7 years,but if u did a huge crime it might be saved in some files.But again it depen ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear out sinuses?

The best way is to use a neti pot with distilled water mixed with some salt and bicarbonate. There are several systems available if you do not want to wing it. SinuCleanse is ( Full Answer )
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How do you clear out a hardrive?

For Windows users select START>>COMPUTER>>Right clickon the desired drive to format(careful! this will deleteeverything!) select format...