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How do you get Clearer skin?

Drink a lot of water, use tee tree oil on blemishes if you have any around the house, lemon is a natural bleacher so make a paste out of oatmeal, lemon and sugar (oatmeal and ( Full Answer )
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Why are glasses clearer than contacts?

If glasses are clearer than contacts, it may be because of theshape of your eyes. It is wise to consult an optometrist if you arehaving this problem. Your prescription could a ( Full Answer )
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How can I keep the water in my beta's bowl clearer for a longer time?

water conditioner (aqua plus) and aquarium salt. Biological filtration is the only way to successfully keep your water suitable for aquatic life. Adding salt or other chemica ( Full Answer )
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Do you spell it clearer or more clear?

Comparatives in English are all replacements for the standard "more". There are very few occasions when a descriptive adjective cannot use the "more" form (one of which is whe ( Full Answer )
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Is sound clearer through solid liquid or gas?

im not 100% certan what u mean by clearer but it is easier and louder to hear sound through solids because sound travels faster in solids hope this helps :) aaron
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Why will browsers read a gif but not the clearer higher resolution JPEG?

\n. \nFor clarity, I have tried uploading to my website both the .gif and .jpeg versions of the same image that I have. The .gif works fine (at the expense of being even rem ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a picture clearer on wordpad?

OK i was having troubles too I'm in 6th grade need to do ancient Egypt i was on word-pad and how you make a text box is #1. you have to go to do the x and the 2 good luck i w ( Full Answer )
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Is your shadow clearer if you stand closer to the sun?

Actually, it would be just the opposite. Being closer to the sun would mean that light has more paths to travel around your body to the (floor? wall?) and would appear to be m ( Full Answer )
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Why are blue rays clearer than DVD's?

Because it is a higher quality picture and has more pixels and that's why you need a 1080p tv to play them.
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What is clearer 720p Blu-ray or 1080p DVD?

First of all, Blu-Rays only produce 1080p images and DVDs DO NOT produce a high definition quality. And 1080p is more clearer than 780p since it has a higher pixel count
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How does a face mask help us breathe clearer air?

If you all look closely at the back of the face mask, you can see some tiny holes. When you breathe in the air, the hole will act like the hair in your nose and trap the dust. ( Full Answer )
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Does MRI give a clearer image of the pathology?

MRI Scanners are able to image soft tissues with much more detail than other imaging options. The MRI is able to differentiate between different types of tissue such as fat, m ( Full Answer )
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Why you hear clearer at night?

because at night everbody is sleeping and nobody is talking so you hear everything clearly. but at day time there r cars on the road and everbody is awake that's y u cant hear ( Full Answer )
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Does sound travel faster and clearer on land or water?

On water because on land there are trees and other plants and buildings to block the sound but on water there are no buildings trees and plants on the surface! Hope this helpe ( Full Answer )
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Does sky television have a clearer picture?

There are reviews for Sky television that say it provides a clearer picture than other alternatives. Sky offers a HD box, which let's users enjoy a wide range of HD channels.
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Why FM is more clearer than am?

The abbreviations FM and AM stands for amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. The reason why FM is more clearer than AM is because FM has a better signal-to-noise rati ( Full Answer )
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When does a child's sense of time become clearer?

My child's sense of time was very hard to develop. I kept him locked in a closet with no windows for weeks at a time because he didn't get an A on his report card..keep in min ( Full Answer )
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Is clearer an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. The adjective clearer is the comparative form of clear.
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What are good home remedies for acne and to get clearer skin?

Aspirin it is a tried and tested way to treat acne, Aspirin - is ananti-inflamatory and will immediately reduce redness. It containssalicylic acid which is one of the most com ( Full Answer )
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How do you expand your mind to see spirits clearer?

Seeing spirits is not accomplished from expanding one's mind butfrom increasing one's psychic receptivity. When a spirit is seen atall it is done through clairvoyance (i.e., w ( Full Answer )