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Difference between GUI and CLI?

GUI -- GUI (pronounced gooey) is a type of interface that allows users to communicate with operating systems in the form of images/animations/audio as opposed to text. This (MORE)

What is CLI?

CLI is a type of computer interface that allows users to issuecommands to a computer by typing using a keyboard. CLI meanscommand line interface.

Which is faster a GUI or a CLI?

In terms of performance, they can be equal, since both can be integrated into the kernel. A GUI will likely consume more resources, but on a fast enough system, this would be (MORE)
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How do you start GUI from CLI?

In DOS, just run "exit" command to return to GUI. . In Redhat Enterprise Linux, run "startx" for GNome and "startkde" for KDE.

Where do you get php cli?

If the operating system is linux open a terminal or ssh to the server and type: (as root) which php-cli or which php5-cli if nothing is ouputted it can't find it, then che (MORE)
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Is Linux a GUI or CLI?

All Linux Distributions have a CLI (Command Line Interface), andmost have a GUI (Graphical User Interface). Where a GUI is notavailable by default, it is usually supported and (MORE)
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Is Linux GUI OR CLI?

Linux user interface is optional you can have , if you prefer a Graphical user interface(GUI) otherwise a Command line interface (CLI). if you need a CLI mode login to one of (MORE)
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What is the price of a Canon CLI 8BK?

The price of a Canon CLI-8BK ink cartridge is about $12 if purchased through Toner Parts. Since the cost of this item is time sensitive the best advice is to check with a comp (MORE)