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What are climbing vines?

Climbing vines are vines that will grow up a trellis or the side ofa house if left to grow unchecked. Some examples of climbing vinesinclude kudzu and ivy.
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When did climbing started?

The sport of rock climbing began in the last quarter of the nineteenth century in various parts of Europe.
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What is a climbing device?

A climbing device is a tool that allows a person ease of climbing a rock face and safety as they climb. This can be a device such as a harness which secures the user to the ro (MORE)
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What do you do to ice climbing?

You use tools called Ice Axes and Crampons. Normally you have a rope, harness, and helmet but those are the two essentials to actually scaling the ice. The you just walk up to (MORE)
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Who has climbed the alps?

The Alps are 520 mile collection of mountains, lakes and rivers.People have been climbing the Alps since before recorded time.Individual mountains maintain lists of those who (MORE)
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What rhymes with climbs?

Mimes, limes, times, dimes, crimes, slimes (if that's a word), and primes.
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Who climbed mtkilimanjaro?

thousands of people a year climb it... its not a technical climb.. its the easiest of the seven summits and really not that hard..
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Who were climbing boys?

climbing boys were boys who went up the chimneys because the chimney sweeps couldn't fit up them
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What is a chimney in climbing?

Think about it as the shape of a chimney on a house. To "Chimney" one must climb between opposing rock faces, with the back and hands against one face, and the feet against th (MORE)
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What are climbing muscles?

When you are climbing you use mainly your legs, and also your fore arms. you only use your triceps/biceps slightly.
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What are the risks when climbing a climbing wall?

The ropes will keep you safe, so I would say the only risk of a climbing wall, is falling, and whoevers wall that you climb, should have safety restraints i would always be (MORE)
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What is a climbing rack for rock climbing?

It is an assortment of quick draws, hexes, camming devices, nuts, carabiners, and anything else you may need for a particular climb. The rack is usually attached to you by you (MORE)
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What do you use climbing?

rope_glasses_gloves Addition: Backpack, gloves, mitts, baselayer shirt, neck gaiter, toque, helmet, underwear, baser layer pants, vapor barrier liner socks, wool sock, moun (MORE)
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Who climbed Himalayas?

Impossible to say! The Himalayas is a whole chain of mountains, including some of the highest in the world. I dont think anyone could come up with a figure.
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Is climbed an adjective?

It might be, rarely, as in climbed mountains versus unclimbed mountains). But it is usually a verb. It is the past tense and past participleof the verb "to climb."
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What is rock climbing about?

Climbing artificial and natural walls. The goal is to reach the top of the wall, cliff, or boulder or get to a specific hold or place on the wall. It involves strength, muscul (MORE)
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What is an adverb for climbed?

There is no adverb form for the verb climb, or climbed. You would need to use an adverbial prepositional phrase to indicate"in a climbing fashion."
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Is climbing a verb?

Yes climbing is a verb. Verbs are actions, and climb is an action.
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How do you spell climbed?

You spelled climbed correctly. Example: The men climbed themountain.