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How do bugs climb?

Answer . If your talking about spiders and other animals similar to them, the bottom of their feet are made of sticky material, making the object they attach to stick to th ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with climb?

lime, dime, mime, time, .... Rhyme, time, and chyme rhyme with climb. rhyme, time There are few. Dime, rhyme, time, thyme,... one hint is that the "b" in the word is sile ( Full Answer )
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Why do cats climb?

When cats were wild this was their way to hunt for pray or to hide from predators and some things never change even in tamed cats.
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What are climbing vines?

Climbing vines are vines that will grow up a trellis or the side ofa house if left to grow unchecked. Some examples of climbing vinesinclude kudzu and ivy.
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Can turtles climb?

Actually, I don't know about most other turtles, but I find that my own box turtle loves to climb. She likes climbing up her artificial tree, or out of her water tub that I so ( Full Answer )
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Can hedgehogs climb?

Yes they can, I've seen it done... Plus I'm getting a hedgehog and I've looked up them like a million times and almost all the websites say they can. Hedgehogs can climb abou ( Full Answer )
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Can maggots climb?

Maggots can climb in search of a new source of food. They are onlycapable of travelling short distances due to their body design.
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When did climbing started?

The sport of rock climbing began in the last quarter of the nineteenth century in various parts of Europe.
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Which animals can climb?

Many animals can climb, monkeys, orangu-tangs, mice, rats, possums, koalas and many other creatures. Tree dwellers can be safer away from the ground, because they can fend off ( Full Answer )
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What does climb mean?

Climb is a movement with our hands and legs. Like Climbing a ladder. Easy to understand Climb
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Can skunks climb?

Skunks may be able to climb. My dog Jake is a coon dog today 6/21/11 at 3:21 Jake treed an animal I went outside to see what he was barking at and it was either a Skunk or a S ( Full Answer )
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Can you climb Uluru?

As of 2013, the climb up Uluru has been reopened. However, theAnangu people of Central Australia request, respectfully, thatpeople do not climb Uluru. The landform is of spiri ( Full Answer )
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Can rats climb?

Yes.Infact rats are one of the best climbers. There forelegs are very strong and ment for climbing. They can climb upside down,sideways, all sorts of ways. They can hang on pr ( Full Answer )
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Can a fox climb?

Yes a fox can climb, it is classified as a "Cannid" as apposed to a canine for this reason.
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Can hamsters climb?

hamsters love to climb and will climb after two weeks. they like hamster runs because they get more freedom instead of being in a hamster ball all day.
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What is a climbing device?

A climbing device is a tool that allows a person ease of climbing a rock face and safety as they climb. This can be a device such as a harness which secures the user to the ro ( Full Answer )
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Do rats climb?

Yes, they do, and the ones at my house climb all the time. One even tries to push on the door but has never opened it.
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What do you do to ice climbing?

You use tools called Ice Axes and Crampons. Normally you have a rope, harness, and helmet but those are the two essentials to actually scaling the ice. The you just walk up to ( Full Answer )
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Why does your dog climb on you?

He probrably just wants a cuddle! Give him some attention. He maywant to be held, or get up on your face, or maybe he's just soexcited to be with you that he can't hold still! ( Full Answer )
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What can an ant not climb?

An ant can not climb or cross the path of chalk. The ant can notclimb an adhesive either.
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Miley climb words for the climb?

i can almost see it that dream I'm dreaming but there's a voice inside my haid saying you'll never reach it every step I'm taking every move i make feels lost with no directio ( Full Answer )
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Can deer climb?

No, it is very uncommon for deer to climb. Because the way their hooves are shaped. (pointed)
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How do cats climb?

Cats can climb because they have super sharp claws, sometimes when I'm sleeping my cat attacks my feet.
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What are the risks when climbing a climbing wall?

The ropes will keep you safe, so I would say the only risk of a climbing wall, is falling, and whoevers wall that you climb, should have safety restraints i would always be ( Full Answer )
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What is a climbing rack for rock climbing?

It is an assortment of quick draws, hexes, camming devices, nuts, carabiners, and anything else you may need for a particular climb. The rack is usually attached to you by you ( Full Answer )
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How do you climb on Roblox?

Just go near a ladder and press W to move forward then TA-DA! Your climbing a ladder
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How do you climb with Minda?

Link has to be in wolf form to climb with Midna's help. If there is somewhere she can help you get, she will jump over there. Z-target her and press A to jump up to where she ( Full Answer )
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How do you climb a rope?

Believe you can do it. - Rest only on the knots. - Grab on for dear life
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Do hamsters climb?

Given the opportunity? They will climb up, down, sideways and backwards. The only worry is if they climb too high they can sometimes misjudge the distance back down, due to th ( Full Answer )
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Do grasshoppers climb?

I don't know how but one is climbing up my picture window as I write. I have no idea how he is not only clinging to the glass but climbing upward.
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What is an adverb for climbed?

There is no adverb form for the verb climb, or climbed. You would need to use an adverbial prepositional phrase to indicate"in a climbing fashion."
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What do cats climb?

I have seen them climb trees, walls, go over fences, go up ladders, curtains, couches, pants, etc. If it is climbable, they will try to climb it.
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What is the opposite of climb?

The opposite of climb (ascend) would be descend. However, for some type of increase (climb, rise), the opposite would be drop or fall.
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Do frogs climb?

Yes. In Fiji they climb up the resort walls. aND TREE FROGS CLIMB IN THE RAINFOREST
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How is the Everest climb?

Toreach the summit of Mount Everest can take anywhere between 4 to 8weeks. You have to allow time for your body to acclimatize to thehigh altitude by climbing high then descen ( Full Answer )