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What does Cnidaria Scyphozoa mean?

\ncoelenterates in which the polyp stage is absent or at least inconspicuous: jellyfishes . Cnidaria is a phylum whose organisms are: radial in symmetry, may have cnidocyte ( Full Answer )
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What are cnidaria?

Are hollow intestined animals their common names are colenterata,colenterates or hydras ex. sea anemones and jellyfish
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What is cnidaria?

Cnidaria is a Phylum of invertebrate aquatic animals, which includes jellyfishes , corals and other polyps .
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What are the groups of animals in cnidaria?

The Phylum Cnidaria includes such diverse forms as jellyfish, hydra, sea anemones, and corals. Cnidarians have two basic body forms, medusa and polyp. Medusae, Like adult je ( Full Answer )
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What are 3 characteristics of cnidaria?

3 characteristics of cnidarians are having tentacles, cnidocytes, and digestion.. Cnidara have poisonous stinging cells and soft bodies. Stinging cells can be found in the te ( Full Answer )
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What is the common name for cnidaria?

The phylum cnidaria doesn't have a common name because there are many different kinds of animals inside the phylum; some of the more recognizable are the jellyfish, corals, an ( Full Answer )
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What does a cnidaria eat?

Cnidaria eat fish, shrimp, and other small sea animals by stunning them with the stinging cells on their tentacles and bringing them into their central cavity. Posted by: Anna ( Full Answer )
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How do cnidaria eat?

Cnidarians are carnivorous and catch fish by stunning them with their tentacles. They supplement their diet with symbiotic single celled algae that they keep in their tentacle ( Full Answer )
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Is cnidaria radial symmetry?

Yes, cnidaria is radially symmetrical. Like jelly fishes, they have a wheel and tube structure, which is radially symmetrical.
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What are the Economic importance Phylum cnidaria?

There are several ways that the phylum cnidaria are economicallyimportant, including reefs protecting land from waves in the ocean.Corals can also be used as water filters.
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Do cnidaria have notochords?

No, notochord is only present in the chordates phylum. The only kind of support cnidaria possess is a hydrostatic skeleton like in most soft-bodied animals.
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How many gut openings does cnidaria have?

A cnidarian has an incomplete gut with just one opening.. BTW Those who said that "How many openings does cnidaria have?" and "How many opening does an earthworm have" are th ( Full Answer )
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Do cnidaria have coelom?

A coelom is defined as a body cavity or area around the gut, so therefore no. Cnidaria such as jellyfish, hydra, coral, and sea anemones do not have a coelom or body cavity
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What are the characteristics of the phylum Cnidaria?

This phylum, containing over 9,000 species of animals found exclusively in aquatic environments is distinguished by the existence of cnidocytes, specialized cells that they us ( Full Answer )
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What is the respiration of cnidaria?

Cnidaria don't have gills or lungs, but they take in oxygen from surrounding water through diffusion.
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Characteristics of cnidaria phylum?

Well, an example of a cnidarian would be a sponge. But, I do know they have these cells called 'collar cells' and they use those like little whips on the inside of them to k ( Full Answer )
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Are cnidaria triploblastic?

Cnidaria are Diploblastic, having two main body layers. They also have a Mesoderm, but this is simply a collection of nerves, creating a nerve net.
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What are the families of Cnidaria Scyphozoa?

Kingdom : Animalia Phylum : Cnidaria Class : Scyphozoa Order : Semaeostomae, Coronatae, Rhizostomeae, Stauromedusae
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What are cnidaria characteristics?

- all have nematocysts - all have a single opening - mouth lined with tentacles
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What is the stinging part of a cnidaria called?

Cnidarians have specialized sells that are called cnidocytes. They use these special cells to capture prey. Cnidocytes have a special cavity in them called a cnida. Inside the ( Full Answer )
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What are the important uses of Cnidaria?

Throughout the tropics where reefs are accessible, coral skeletons are used as building material , either in blocks or slaked to create cement. Another use for cnidarian skel ( Full Answer )
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Is cnidaria autotrophic or heterotrophic?

The organism itself is heterotrophic but it may possess a symbiotic algae living within it which acts as an autotroph. Overall it would be considered heteroptrophic.
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Are cnidaria symmetrical?

Cnidaria have two basic body forms: swimming Medusae and sessile Polyps, and they are both radially symmetrical .
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Does cnidaria have a respiratory system?

Both forms have a single and body cavity that are used for digestion and ), s ( Full Answer )
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What is the excretion of cnidaria?

it is where the the nutrients runs out of the mouth or the anus of the organism therefor they take the nutrients that other organisms leave behind and they get the nutrients f ( Full Answer )
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Is cnidaria a vertebrate or invertebrate?

Any member of the Phylum Cnidaria is an invertebrate as they do nothave a backbone or spinal cord. Cnidarians include jellyfish,polyps (e.g. Corals and anemones) and other mar ( Full Answer )
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How do cnidaria use their tentacles?

Cnidarians have stinging tentacles. Their tentacles help them sense when prey is in close proximity. They use their tentacles to capture prey. Cnidarians have a simple nervous ( Full Answer )
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What kind of envirementn do cnidarias live in?

Cnidaria are also known as jellyfish and are strictly a marine species and have a global distribution ranging from hot tropical waters up to temperate and artic waters. Cnidar ( Full Answer )
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How many classes are in the phylum cnidaria?

Modern Cnidarians are usually classified into one of these four classes; Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, Cubozoa and Anthozoa. There are more classes of Cnidarians (a total of 9), but ( Full Answer )
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What classes do the phylum cnidaria contain?

There are 5 classes of cnidaria: anthozoa (corals and seaanemones), scyphozoa (swimming jellyfish), staurozoa (stalkedjellyfish), cubozoa (box jellyfish), and hyrdozoa (hydroi ( Full Answer )
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What are the appendages in cnidaria?

Appendages in cnidarians are called tentacles . They are used in food capture and defense . Stinging cells are present in tentacles .