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What are cnidaria?

Are hollow intestined animals their common names are colenterata,colenterates or hydras ex. sea anemones and jellyfish
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What is cnidaria?

Cnidaria is a Phylum of invertebrate aquatic animals, which includes jellyfishes , corals and other polyps .
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What does a cnidaria eat?

Cnidaria eat fish, shrimp, and other small sea animals by stunning them with the stinging cells on their tentacles and bringing them into their central cavity. Posted by: Anna (MORE)
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How do cnidaria eat?

Cnidarians are carnivorous and catch fish by stunning them with their tentacles. They supplement their diet with symbiotic single celled algae that they keep in their tentacle (MORE)
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Do cnidaria have notochords?

No, notochord is only present in the chordates phylum. The only kind of support cnidaria possess is a hydrostatic skeleton like in most soft-bodied animals.
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Do cnidaria have coelom?

A coelom is defined as a body cavity or area around the gut, so therefore no. Cnidaria such as jellyfish, hydra, coral, and sea anemones do not have a coelom or body cavity
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Are cnidaria triploblastic?

Cnidaria are Diploblastic, having two main body layers. They also have a Mesoderm, but this is simply a collection of nerves, creating a nerve net.
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Are cnidaria symmetrical?

Cnidaria have two basic body forms: swimming Medusae and sessile Polyps, and they are both radially symmetrical .
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What is the excretion of cnidaria?

it is where the the nutrients runs out of the mouth or the anus of the organism therefor they take the nutrients that other organisms leave behind and they get the nutrients f (MORE)
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What are the appendages in cnidaria?

Appendages in cnidarians are called tentacles . They are used in food capture and defense . Stinging cells are present in tentacles .