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What are cnidarians?

A cnidarian is an animal with stinging bristles, like a jellyfish,a portoguese manowar, and coral .
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How do cnidarians move?

Cnidarians are divided in 3 main groups: the antozoan, syphozoans and cubozoan. The anthozoans are sea anemones and coral and cubazona are jellyfish. Most do not move around, (MORE)
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Characteristics of cnidarians?

The characteristics of cnidarians are that they have claws, hard exoskeleton, and reproduce sexually. ------- That answer is just silly. The phylum, cnidaria, includes (MORE)
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How do Cnidarians get their food?

Mainly through suspension feeding. Cnidarians use stinging tentacles (nomocytes) to capture their prey. Once the tentacles grab the food it is absorbed in the gastrovascular c (MORE)
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What is a cnidarians?

the phylum cnidaria consists of about 10,000 species which are mostly marine. the jellyfish and sea anemone belong to this phylum. there bodies are radially symectrical. they (MORE)
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How do cnidarians get food?

A Cnidarians body consists of a gastrovascular cavity with an opening where they ingest food and where waste is released.
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What is cnidarians?

This is straight from, so I get no credit at all:. "Any of various invertebrate animals of the phylum Cnidaria, characterized by a radially symmetri (MORE)
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What are facts about cnidarians?

cnidarains are animals Actually, they are a type of phylum, which is an invertebrate. Facts- They produce sexually and asexually. Their body is shaped as a vase- Pol (MORE)
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Are starfish cnidarians?

No, starfish are marine echinoderms with five or more radiating arms.
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Do Cnidarians change?

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Do cnidarians have spicules?

Cnidarians do not have spicules. Spicules are commonly found insponges and it is a simply a skeleton which has very tiny splintersthat look like needles.
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Facts about cnidarians?

Four classes make up the phylum Cnidaria : . Anthozoa, which includes sea anemones and coral . Cubozoa, which includes Portuguese man-of-war . Hydrozoa, which includes jel (MORE)
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Do cnidarians have blood?

I am pretty sure they do not have blood. They are very simple life forms.
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How did the cnidarians get their name?

The origin of the name cnidarians is from the New Latin: cnida, meaning nematocyst and Greek for knide: meaning, nettle.
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Are insects cnidarians?

No. Insects are arthropods. Cnidarians are animals such as jellyfish and sea anemones.
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What are cnidarians'?

cnidarians are type of invertebrate animals . They are characterized by presence of stinging cells
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How does a cnidarians reproduce?

Cnidarian do have eggs and sperm. These will become larvae and thenthe find a good place to stay so they set down roots and become apolyp.