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What is the difference between nematocystnematoblast and cnidoblast?

Cnidae (singular, cnida; from the Greek word for nettle) are types of cells that define an entire phylum of invertebrates, the cnidarians. All species in this phylum have spec ( Full Answer )
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What reasons are cnidoblasts important to the hydra?

A genus of small, freshwater cnidarians (coelenterates) whichbelong to the class Hydrozoa. Hydra is an exceptional member of this class because it is amobile individual poly ( Full Answer )
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What is cnidoblast?

several capsules occur on the body surface. each is produced by special cell called cnidoblast
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What are cnidoblasts?

These are stinging cells found in cnidarian and coelenterate. Each of them bears a stinging cell organelle called nematocyst which is used in offence, defence and attachment o ( Full Answer )