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What do road signs do?

Road signs give information, warnings and instructions.
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In Germany what are the rules of the road?

There's a 76 page law about rules on the road (StVO, Strassenverkehrsordnung). some examples: Speed limits: inner city roads, if not signalled otherwise, 50 km/h (30, 6 (MORE)
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What do triangle road signs mean?

To yield to that corner or to watch for the people there In sign language, a triangle means a girl's private area. (vag!na). And it's actually a curse or calling someone somet (MORE)
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Sides in a stop road sign?

Yes, we actually have stop signs that lights up here, so there are sides, pfff!
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What are road signs?

A road sign is a sign that is on the road. For example you will get signs to say how far you are mean't to go.
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Telephone road sign is a?

If you're asking the appearance of a telephone road sign, it is a brown sqaure with a white phone symbol.
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What do you do with a stolen road sign?

Stolen or "found" road signs belong to local, Township, County, or State government through the Road Department. If you have a road sign, take it to your local police departme (MORE)
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Who designed your UK road signs?

UK road signage was designed by Richard Jock Kinnier and MargaretCalvert who were commissioned by the Anderson Committee to designmotorway signage. After the signs were introd (MORE)
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Are road signs non verbal?

yes, they do not speak to you do they? If so, you may want to talk w/ your Doctor. All joking aside, yes, road signs are a non-verbal communication as they are seen and not he (MORE)
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What is considered a regulatory road sign?

Regulatory signs are a set of rules and regulations that is enforced by the controlling government .Parking lots, highways, normal streets and highways all have their own set (MORE)
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What are some road signs used for?

There are a wide range of road signs that are used for various reasons. There are stop signs to warn people to stop at intersections, Yield signs so that one will yield to on (MORE)
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What does yellow road sign means?

In North America this is an Advisory sign. It can mean "warning corner" or dead end or similar. OR It can advise you that Playground or school zone that is notallways a red (MORE)
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How do deer know there supposed to cross at those yellow road signs Which word should be used instead of the underlined word?

Um, it works a little bit differently . . . deer, of course, cannotunderstand instructions or read them. Instead, highway engineersstudy lengths of roadways to determine where (MORE)