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What does it mean to say that the eukaryotic cell is compartmentalized?

Compartmentalization allows each compartment to perform specific functions without interference from other cell functions. For example, lysosomes can break down cell debris in (MORE)
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What is a compartmental thinker?

I believe that describes a person who has the ability to shut off certain aspects of life in order to fully concentrate and enjoy other parts of life. For instance, this type (MORE)
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What is compartmentalization in cells biology?

It is the division of function and separation of antagonizingcomponents within living cells. Within all living cells are different organelles which are inanalogy, equivalent t (MORE)
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What is cell compartmentalization?

Cell compartmentalization is when organisms are separated, at thelevel of cells, bodies, or even communities, into separate volumes.This allows otherwise incompatible processe (MORE)
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What is compartmental pass?

When the papers failed in 1st year are passed (cleared) in 2nd year it is called compartmental pass.
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Explain the importance of compartmentalization in mitochondrial function?

One of the most importance of compartmentalization is production of ATP. Hydrogen is pumped from one compartment to another. So, there is hydrogen ion bulid up. Since hydrogen (MORE)
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How does compartmentalization organize a cells functions?

It allows for specialized functions in each of the compartments. Also, different concentrations of substances inside vs. outside the compartment can be used. For example, lyso (MORE)
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Why is it important to have compartmentalization of body fluid?

It is important to have different fluids separate from each other, you don't want urine mixed with blood that goes to the brain. Also, you don't want to have all of the same (MORE)
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Why is compartmentalization important to the function of lysosomes and mitochondria?

So lysosomes wont accidentally break down other organelles or useful proteins. Their job is to break down and discard useless proteins. The mitochondria makes ATP and generate (MORE)
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What is complex compartmentalization in a living cell?

Even though the cells in the human body are small, don't let that fool you. Just like the home that you live in, a cell has membranes that separate different rooms..or compart (MORE)