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What is the difference between Methodists and congregationalists?

A major difference between Methodists and Congregationalists is thefact that the Methodist church has bishops while theCongregationalists elect their deacons in the church. Th ( Full Answer )
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What did the congregationalist believe?

Congregationalists maintain strict adherence to the Scripture. Theyaccept the Bible as the absolute rule in matters of faith andpractice.
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Do Congregationalists believe in infant baptism?

Answer \n. Yes, Congregationalists practice infant baptism. \n. \n Answer \n. I'm not sure what Congregationalists are, but the Bible never mentions infant baptism. The ( Full Answer )
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What are Congregationalists?

Congregationalism is a form of Protestant Christianity which asserts the principle that a local congregation is completely autonomous under God and therefore should not submit ( Full Answer )