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Synonyms for congregation?

parishioners, brethren, crowd, assembly, flock, fellowship, multitude, throng
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What is congregational worship?

Congregational Worship means group worshipping. The congregationalactivities includes singing, praying, and other worshippingactivities. The members are not necessarily from t (MORE)
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What is the adjective for congregate?

The verb to congregate forms adjectives from its present and pastparticiples: congregating and congregated. The related adjectivefrom the noun congregation is congregationa (MORE)
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How big is a congregation?

A congregation is a group of people (or creatures or things) that are congregated, collected or gathered together. It can mean: . the process or action of congregating . (MORE)
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What is congregation?

A congregation is a group of people; i.e. the church had a large congregation.
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What is a Vatican congregation?

There are a number of congregations (departments) within theVatican, such as the Sacred Congregation for the Causes of Saintswhich investigates candidates for sainthood.
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What is congregational prayers?

It is mainly Friday praying and the two prayings of the two Islamic main feasts (or eids). Refer to question below for more information.
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What is a congregation prayer?

It is praying (doing Salat) in a gathering behind one leader called Imam.
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Is congregate an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. Congregate is a verb. One adverb form isbased on the noun (congregation): it is congregationally.