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What is cor pulmonale?

Cor Pulmonale is increased strain on the right side of the heart due to lung diseases that increase the pressure of the blood flowing through the lungs. The right ventricle t ( Full Answer )
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What is cor villosum?

A cor villosum refers to a hairy heart. As a result of chronicpericarditis, the epicardium is covered with shaggy fibrinous tags.
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What is COR?

"COR" is an acronym for "coefficient of restitution." Coefficient of restitution is a measurement of the energy loss or retention when two objects collide. The COR measurement ( Full Answer )
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What is 2 cor 517?

It is short for II Corinthians 5:17, pronounced "second Corinthians five seventeen". The Bible verse reads "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old h ( Full Answer )
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What are two facts about a cor anglais?

- The term cor anglais is French for English horn, but the instrument is neither English nor a horn.. - The reed in the cor anglais doesn't use a cork but is put straight i ( Full Answer )
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What is 'cor' in English?

Heart is an English equivalent of 'cor'. The word in Italian is a masculine gender noun that takes 'il' ['the'] as its definite article, and 'uno' ['a, one'] as its indefinit ( Full Answer )
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Qual a cor do metal zinco?

O zinco é um metal, às vezes classificado como metal de transição ainda que estritamente não seja, apresenta semelhanças com o magnésio e o berílio al ( Full Answer )
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How many reeds does a cor anglais have?

Cor anglais, or the English horn, is a double-reed instrument. It'sa larger version of the oboe.
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What is novena ad sacrum cor?

Novena ad sacrum cor is Latin. It means the "sacred prayers" to be offered during a novena. In the Catholic church, a novena is nine special days dedicated to certain prayers ( Full Answer )
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What is a No Cor elation graph?

There are three types of correlation: positive, negative, and none (no correlation). . Positive Correlation : as one variable increases so does the other. Height and shoe s ( Full Answer )
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What does Rapere Cor Meum mean?

Rapere Cor Meum means: My Heart Rape. actually, rapere means "to seize" so the proper translation would be" to seize my heart"
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What does the stem cor mean in excoriate?

It is actually corium which means skin. Because the medicaldefinition of excoriate is to tear of or take away skin. To causeto take away skin.
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How is the cor anglais played?

the cor anglais is played with the same fingering as the oboe but they are not the same in many ways at the same time oh that remind me i left the kettle on cherio troll lol l ( Full Answer )
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Did skinner invent the cor anglais?

Invented by Ferlandis of Bergamo in 1760, but Skinner re-invented it in the 1920's as it wasn't used much before the 19th century, although some composers used it as a solo in ( Full Answer )
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Is cor another name for heart?

cor is latin it means heart disease, It was also a british comic book i think
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How is Cor pulmonale prevented?

Cor pulmonale is best prevented by prevention of COPD and other irreversible diseases that lead to heart failure
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How is cor pulmonale tested?

Tests used to support a diagnosis of cor pulmonale may include arterial blood gas analysis, pulmonary function tests, x-rays, MRIs, and hematocrit
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What are symptoms of Cor pulmonale?

They include chronic coughing, wheezing, weakness, fatigue, and shortness of breath. Edema (abnormal buildup of fluid), weakness, and discomfort in the upper chest may be evid ( Full Answer )
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What causes cor pulmonale?

Any respiratory disease or malfunction that affects the circulatory system of the lungs may lead to cor pulmonale
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What is the prognosis of Cor pulmonale?

The prognosis for cor pulmonale is poor, particularly because it occurs late in the process of serious disease
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What is LA Fitness Cor?

LA Fitness is a privately owned American health club chain with over 340 clubs and millions of members across 21 US states and Canada. The company was formed in 1984 and is b ( Full Answer )
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Is Cor Cor a good nickname?

yes actually the nickname is perfect for anyone who has a secret obsession / love for a guy called corey , corey is a name for a hunk so watch out ladies you've got competitio ( Full Answer )
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Do golf drivers lose their cor?

It would be very rare if a club would lose its core im not sure if it has ever happened but I have heard that one guy hit a ball either so hard or very wrong or both with a 30 ( Full Answer )
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What do oboe and cor anglais have in common?

They are both double reed instruments, have similar sound, and look very similar. The biggest difference is the key they are in, and cor anglais is lower than the oboe.
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What does the term cor pulmonale mean?

"Cor pulmonale" is a failure of the right side of the heart usually caused by high blood pressure. Symptoms of cor pulmonale include shortness of breath, wheezing, and swelli ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Cor Wagenaar written?

Cor Wagenaar has written: 'Town planning in the Netherlands since 1800' -- subject(s): City planning, History, Regional planning
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What has the author Cor Molenaar written?

Cor Molenaar has written: 'El Futuro del Marketing En La Era Post Internet' 'E-marketing' -- subject(s): Internet marketing 'Interactive marketing' -- subject(s): Intera ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Cor Backers written?

Cor Backers has written: 'Nederlandsche componisten van 1400 tot op onzen tijd' -- subject(s): Dutch Composers, Flemish Composers, History
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Does a Cor anglais have a reed or not?

Yes, it uses a double reed, which is different from a clarinet reed (which is a single reed) but very similar to a bassoon or oboe reed.
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Can the COR modify a contract?

When a contractor performs work beyond that required by thecontract without a formal change order and it is perceived thatsuch work was ordered by the Government or caused by ( Full Answer )
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Is a Cor anglais in the woodwind family?

That's correct. That's the French name for the English horn, whichis a larger version of the oboe.