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What is corn?

Corn, also known as maize , is one of the most successful cereal grasses of all time. It has been under human cultivation for over 10,000 years and has spread itself into eve ( Full Answer )
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How do you make seed corn from corn?

Commercial corn today is 100% hybrid corn. This means that the seed corn is produced by cross-pollinating two inbred lines. Because corn plants have both male (tassels) and fe ( Full Answer )
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What are corns?

Corns . Corns (also called clavi ) are specially-shaped calluses of dead skin that usually occur on thin or glabrous (hairless and smooth) skin surfaces, especially on th ( Full Answer )
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Why is corn called an ear of corn?

The name is not related as you would expect to the ear that we hear with. It comes from the Gothic word for 'husk of corn' which was ahs .
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What is in corn?

There are no other ingredients in the actual corn, but canned cornusually adds water, and if the corn has been made into anythingelse, like chips or cornbread or tortillas, th ( Full Answer )
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Why is corn called corn?

It originates from an Indo-European word, "ger," which translates into something like "small particle." From its roots it was developed into the Germanic "kurnam" and eventual ( Full Answer )
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Where is corn from?

It is believed to have originated some 8,000 to 10,000 years ago in the fields of the first agriculturalists of Mexico and Central America.
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Why is a corn on the foot called a corn?

According to the link below, "The name corn comes from its appearance under the microscope. The hard part at the center of the corn resembles a barley hare, that is, a funnel ( Full Answer )
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Where does corn grow?

It can grow anywhere where the soil is fertile, and where it can get water and sunlight and a warm temperature.
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When does corn produce ears of corn?

Typically around July, the tassel on top of the corn plant fertilizes the silks (those stringy things when you husk sweet corn) on the ear of corn. After the pollen gets on th ( Full Answer )
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Does corn syrup come from corn?

Corn syrup comes from converting the starch in a kernel of corn into simple sugars, primarily glucose.
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Why corn is called corn?

cuz it is ~ ~ ~ It might not help much, but please see the related link below. . corn (1) "grain," O.E. corn , from P.Gmc. *kurnam "small seed" (cf. O.Fris., ( Full Answer )
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What is the corn in corned beef?

The "corn" in "corned beef" refers to the "corn" or grains of coarse salts used to cure it.
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What is corn basis in the corn market?

In US commodity marketing lingo, "basis" is what they call the difference between the Chicago cash price and the price paid directly to a farmer at a local elevator. In genera ( Full Answer )
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What is in corn syrup besides corn?

Corn syrup is the name of glucose syrup that has been derived from the corn plant. (In the UK it is just called glucose syrup). So the only ingredient in it is pure sugar (fro ( Full Answer )
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What is corn in?

\nPractically everything (in the form of corn syrup, an extremely common sweetener). Corn is also used in the production of a type of plastic bag.
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Does a corn snake eat corn?

corn snakes are called that because back then farmers found them climbing on the cornstalks and basking heat. Additionally, the pattern on their bellies resembles that of corn ( Full Answer )
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How to convert corn on the cob to corn in a can?

To turn corn on the cob into corn in a can just cut the corn from the cob. Most often corn is blanched or cooked before it is canned. It can also be pickled or relished. Th ( Full Answer )
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Is there Corn flour in corn chips?

Corn chips are made from ground corn. Corn flour is ground corn just ground very finely. So corn chips probably contain corn flour.
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Where did corn from?

Corn originated in South and Middle/Central America with the Incas and the Aztecs. The official name for corn is maize and once grew wild and still does in remote areas. Over ( Full Answer )
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What has corn in it?

All sorts of things: Twinkies, salad dressing, Corn Flakes, candy, soda drinks, beef, chicken, etc.
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Why is corn called Indian corn?

"Indian corn" is the type of corn that Native Americans raised. It is a type of flint corn with a hard outside layer. It has since been bread into the kinds we have today, a.k ( Full Answer )
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Is there actually corn in corn syrup?

yes there is actually corn in corn syrup! it is made primarily of #2 yellow dent corn. this is processed and turned into cornstarch wich is then in turn made into corn syrup a ( Full Answer )
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BT Corn refers to corn that?

...contains DNA which makes the plant produce a protein which is toxic to certain insects of the Lepidoptera family. The protein is the same one produced by the Bacillus th ( Full Answer )
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What is pros and corns?

I'm not sure, but I think it's just a typographical error originally intended to be "pros and cons".
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What is corn tassel?

The tassel in a corn plant is the male flower that produces pollin for the silks. It is found at the very top of corn plants after 2 or 3 months of growing.
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What has corn flour in it?

I'm assuming you're here in the United States, not in Britain where the term largely means corn starch. Corn flour has a number of uses. The Mexican version, masa, is a primar ( Full Answer )
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What does corn silk do in making corn?

It captures the pollen from the near by plants and produces a kernal which humans and animals like to eat.
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Why chuck the corn not peel the corn?

The correct phrase is "shuck the corn" rather than "chuck the corn". To "chuck" means to throw. "Shuck" means to peel something off of, such as a corn husk. To use "shuck" as ( Full Answer )
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Is corn syrup a corn flour?

No. Corn syrup is a thick, sweet, sticky liquid. Corn flour is a dry, ground-up corn kernel product.
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Are corn puffs made out of corn?

yes they are, but not all is made of corn, some are made of corn syrup, etc.
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Is mince corn a type of corn?

No, it's not one of the types of corn. It's the name of a recipe which contains corn.
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Why is the plural of corn corns?

The countable noun corn (corns) is a word for a spot of thickened skin on the feet that can be painful. There is sometimes more than one corn at a time.. The uncountable noun ( Full Answer )