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What kind of courts are there?

We have two court systems in the United States: State and Federal. There are numerous types of courts in the Federal system. There are numerous types in the State systems an (MORE)
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What do courts do?

Answer . courts are made to settle arguements. They are also made to bring justice.. Answer . They are made to settle disputes. They can bring authority of the state to (MORE)
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What is courting?

Courtship is the traditional dating period before engagement and marriage. During a courtship a couple dates to get to know each other and decide if there will be an engagemen (MORE)
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What is a courts holding?

Basically a courts holding is what the court decides to do to youbased on the crime you committed. You may not get the standardpunishment for your crime if other things took p (MORE)
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Courts in Madagascar?

The courts in Madagascar are a representation of the judicialbranch. There are three levels of courts in Madagascar namely lowercourts, court of appeal and the supreme court. (MORE)
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Who oversaw courts?

The courts in various parts of the world are usually overseen bythe judiciary. Most of the countries have a judicial commissionthat oversees the running of the courts.
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What is Chancery Courts?

chancery court is when you are giving a second chance to please your case.
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What is the 'opinion of the Court'?

The Court's Opinion is synonymous with the Court's decision, and usually refers to the majority opinion. The "Opinion of the Court" gives the verdict and explains the reasonin (MORE)
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Why are courts important?

Courts are important because otherwise everyone would be running around killing each other because there would be no one to stop it and put them in jail, and there is always t (MORE)
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What is a clerk of courts?

The Clerk of Court, in many(all?) states is a constitutional office (and in some states, an elective position) established by the state constitution to aid and assist the Judi (MORE)
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When are courts fair?

You might think they strive to be all the time, and occasionally they are. However the court system is designed to interpret and apply the law not determine what's "fair" in a (MORE)
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What federal courts are not trial courts?

The US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts only review cases under their appellate jurisdiction; the US Supreme Court hears most of the cases it selects under appellate jurisdic (MORE)
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What do horses do when courting?

several things, lowly 'talking' to each other, the mare could even kick the stallion if she is sassy and independant, the stallion could herd her away from the rest of the her (MORE)
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What is juvenile courts?

It is a trial court (just like a regular one) but for people under the age of 18.
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What is courting to someone?

Dating them with the intent to form a relationship (ie not a casual date).
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What the purpose of courts?

The purpose of courts is to mediate between right and wrong with a view to placing them at their rightful places.
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How the courts functioning?

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What are courts martial?

Courts martial are military courts. When soldiers commit crimes such as desertion of duty, collaboration with the enemy etc., they are not tried in civilian courts, they are (MORE)
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What are courts-martial?

military courts created during the Mexican War, the Civil War, andWorld War II
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What is courts of appeal?

A court of appeals gives you the opportunity to get a secondopinion so-to-speak when you lose a case in a lower court.
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What can Appeals Courts do?

They do what they sound like they do. Handle appeals from a court decision.