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What does the term cramming mean?

Answer for cram . cramming means mugging up or memorizing blindly and without logic.. usage:Do not cram your brain with rubbish data
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What does 'crammed' mean?

"crammed ' has at least 2 meanings - 1 - To stull a lot of material into a small space. -2 to study heavily for an exam.
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What does cramming mean when your sister says she and a boy are cramming?

'Cramming' is attempting to cram a semester's worth of learning into a day or so before the exam. It is often done by college students that have been goofing off all semester (MORE)
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Why do students feel they have to 'cram' for tests?

Most students who stay up all night and "cram" information into their heads are just very disorganized - they did not spend the time they needed to study ahead, and have not k (MORE)
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Which is better long term studying or cramming studying?

It is better to spread it out, do a little at a time, and take it slow. Cramming just makes you anxious, and there's always too much material for you to learn everything!
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What makes a better student-cramming or understanding?

Understanding of course. When students cram, assimilated information will be lost in a very short period of time. Thus, they past the test but it avails little for the future. (MORE)
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Why doesn't cramming work?

Trying to stay up all night and cram for a test doesn't work for many reasons: . you'll be tired the next day, and tired brains don't think as well as rested brains . you (MORE)
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Gases can be crammed into small spaces with ease?

Gasses take that shape of the container it is in. It is not space efficient to store gasses in their gaseous state as the atoms are loosely together and that leaves a fair amo (MORE)
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Use crammed in a sentence?

Rabbits crammed together, up to 12 in a wire mesh cage.
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What rhymes with crammed?

rammed, clammed, dammed, damned, hamed, jammed, rammed, scammed, slammed
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Is education cramming of books?

It should be much more than that. Education should be learning basic skills like reading and writing, but it should also be about critical thinking, learning how to evaluate i (MORE)
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What does 'cram' mean as slang?

To cram refers to the practice of staying up most of the night studying for an exam or test. Students often wait until the last minute to study, and then try to make up for al (MORE)
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Why do people do cramming?

People cram because they think it will help them remember and do well on the test or quiz. However cramming isn't the best way study for an upcoming test or quiz because it wi (MORE)
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Why your leg crams and numbness during cold season?

When you're cold your muscles become tighter. So if you expose your body to these cold temperatures (like going outside) for long periods of time, your muscles become tight an (MORE)
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What was Steve Crams sport in the Olympics?

Steve Crams was a middle distance runner in the sport of track andfield. In the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, Crams won the silver medalin the 1500 meters.
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What does 'cram' mean in British slang?

This has two meanings depending on context. It could mean 'study hard'. As in 'I have to cram all this for myexam in the morning!' It could also mean 'shove in'. As in 'just (MORE)