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Do gophers chew their cuds?

Ground hogs don't create cud. They eat grass like you'd eat a salad, without a fork of course
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What if cow can't regurgitate its cud?

Cows don't "regurgitate" their cud, they burp or belch it up. Since most of the feed they initially eat was eaten in a hurry, belching up a mass of partially digested food to ( Full Answer )
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What is cud?

Cud is a portion of food that returns from a ruminant'sstomach to the mouth to be chewed for the second time. Moreaccurately, it is a bolus of semi-degraded food regurgitated ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of the idiom chew your cud?

Chew Your Cud - to think deeply to oneself . Origin: In the 1500's, a lot of people owned cows and sheep. These are animals that chew their cuds (food that is spit up from ( Full Answer )
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What animals are cud chewing?

Cattle, goats, sheep, deer, bison, yak, antelope, elk, moose, caribou, muskox, yak, buffalo (cape and asian), giraffes, pronghorn, banteng, camels, llamas, alpacas, etc.
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What is cow cud?

A "cud" is a portion of forage that is, brace yourself, regurgitated for further mastication.
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Can you replace a cows cud?

No, also i don't think anyone has every thought of doing it. Would you really want to take out cows digestive food??
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Do horses chew the cud?

No. Unlike cattle who are ruminants with several stomachs, horses have only one stomach, like humans. This means there is no need to chew cud to help the digestive process.
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Do deer chew cud?

Yes they do. Deer are ruminants just like sheep, goats and cattle are. As a matter of fact, all species of the deer family (including elk, moose, caribou and reindeer) chew cu ( Full Answer )
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What do you call an animal that chews cud?

These animals are called ruminants. Animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, deer, and buffalo are ruminants meaning they have one four chambered stomach.
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Where does a cow's cud come from?

A cow will eat grass and then swallow it , then after it has been in their stomach for a while they will then do a bit of a reguritation or throw up and then re chew that gras ( Full Answer )
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What is cud in French?

"To chew the cud" is "ruminer" "The cud" is "la panse" A cud-chewing animal is "un ruminant"
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What is called chewing cud?

chewing cud is mostly done by cows, goat, sheep etc. this takes place in RUMEN . 1st it eat's the grass , after sometime it sit's comfortably , the rumen helps the cow to make ( Full Answer )
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What is chewing of cud?

partly digested food that cows and other ruminants return to the mouth, after it has passed into the first stomach, to chew again as an aid to digestion
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Is there a plural to the word cud?

Cud is also used as the plural. Cud was coming in by the truckload. There was cud all over the place.
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Do all ruminants chew their cud?

Yes, this is called physical digestion and it simply increases the surface area to volume ratio of the cud to which enzymes can act on.
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Does the Watusi chew its cud?

Yes. The Watusi is a breed of cow, which is a ruminant, which chews cud.
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Does the deer chew the cud?

No, they do not have the same digestive system as a cow. They have a single chambered stomach.
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How do cows eat cud?

They do not eat cud, they chew it. Cud is partly digested plant matter that is regurgitated or burped up from the rumen to be rechewed as cud. Once fully rechewed, it is reswa ( Full Answer )
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Where do cows keep their cud?

Cud is partially digested forage. A bolus of cud is brought up from the reticulo-rumen by regurgitation; the rest of the other partially digested forage is kept in the rumen.
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How do you make cow to chew its cud?

Let it relax. The cow won't chew its cud unless it feels unthreatened and comfortable.
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Do hares eat cud?

No. Only ungulates (cattle, antelop, deer) eat cud. Basically, they eat grass, but they cannot digest grass (no mammals can.) So they developed a system of outsourcing the ( Full Answer )
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Why do animals chew their cud?

Ruminant animals such as cattle, goats, sheep, and llamas "chew cud" in order to process the food for further digestion. The initial chewing of the forage and the initial bact ( Full Answer )
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What happens when a herbivore chews its cud?

It relaxes from eating, and enables the partly eaten forage to be chewed more thoroughly during this rest period so that more nutrients can be gleaned from it.
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How do cows make cud?

Cud is simply the undigested feed that is brought back up from the stomach in bolus form. They do not necessarily make cud, it is already produced.
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Is cud in the cow's milk?

Wow. The answer is no. Cud is not a technical term. But "cud" is the regurgitated rumen contents (food it already ate) that requires further mechanical breakdown (typically ro ( Full Answer )
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How does a cow 'chew a cud'?

A cow will continuously eat until the first stomach compartment is full, it will then rest and regurgitate the food. They will do this by belching or regurgitating small bolus ( Full Answer )
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What is the value of a 1963 cud nickel?

According to this particular site the value is betwen $5 and $10.I'm in no way an authority on the issue, nor am I ovrly familiarwith the site. I simply have the same coin as ( Full Answer )
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Why do some animals chew their cud?

Because they are called ruminants, what they are doing is re chewing undigested feedstuffs and swallowing them to be further digested by the remaining three stomachs.
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How can you use the word cud in a sentence?

"The cow chewed its cud." Cud (noun), partly digested food returned from the first stomach of ruminants to the mouth for further chewing. A ruminant is an animal that has ( Full Answer )
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Why do sheep chew their cud and what is cud?

Sheep are ruminants and they chew their cud (which is grass they have eaten that has been slightly digested in the rumen and they cough it up to rechew it) to make the particl ( Full Answer )
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What is a cud of an animal?

Cud is partly digested forage that is regurgitated back up from the reticulo-rumen to be rechewed again to enable further digestion of starches. Animals like cattle chew cud w ( Full Answer )
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Is cud a bad word?

No. Cud is a term used to describe a ruminent's partly digestedfood that is returned from the first stomach to the mouth for morechewing.
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Do deer chew the cud?

Yes. Deer are ruminants, like cattle, goats and sheep. They have afour-chambered stomach and chew cud.