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Do gophers chew their cuds?

Ground hogs don't create cud. They eat grass like you'd eat a salad, without a fork of course
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Ihad sex and came on your period 5 days laterit was a few days early was lighter than normal with no stomach cramps.3 weeks later i have sore boobstired nauseus.Hometest says no but cud i be pregnant?

You could be pregnant I'm not gonna lie to u. If u r either Congrats or Sorry if ur worried. If it were me I would go to a doctor if u r young and ur scared u r go with someon (MORE)
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Missed 3 birth control pills after taking flucloxacillin 4 7 days 3 day period durin the 7 had intercourse no other protection useddurin that week and a half experiencin preg symps- neg test- cud i b?

Well, your gynecologist should have told you, or you should have read the instruction packet of your birth control pills, and it will tell you that if you miss 3 pills consecu (MORE)
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What is the definition of cuds mean?

'Cud' is the regurgitated food that a ruminant animal is 're-chewing'. Ruminant animals (Cattle, Sheep, Goats) have a four chambered stomach that allows them to digest their f (MORE)
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What does 'bitter as the cud' in Wilfred Owen's 'Dulce et Decorum Est' mean?

It is an anti-war poem knocking the pro-war sacrifice idea of the title roughly Sweet and honorable- or decorous. Bitter as the cud may refer to the aftertaste of a chemical w (MORE)
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What is meant by rumination cud-chewing?

Animals with more than one compartment to their stomach (i.e. Goats and sheep or cattle or llamas) have a compartment called the rumen in which all food enters first. The rume (MORE)
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How does a cow 'chew a cud'?

A cow will continuously eat until the first stomach compartment is full, it will then rest and regurgitate the food. They will do this by belching or regurgitating small bolus (MORE)