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How do you pronounce the word cur-cumin?

It has three accepted pronunciations: The most common to North America: "Kyu-min" The most common in Europe: "Come-in" / "Cummin" Prominent in Canada and the US: "Coo-min" (MORE)
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What is a cur?

A cur is a mixed breed or random breed dog. The word is used as slang for mean dog, or a person referred to as mean.
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What are curative measures of typhoid?

although water is extremely important in preventing dehydration, it does not contain electrolytes. To maintain electrolyte levels, you could have broth or soups, which contain (MORE)
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Blackmouth Cur dog?

Black mouth cur is the best dog in the world. Good for the family as well as hunters. Loyal and will give there lives to protect you. Insure you get yours from a good breeder (MORE)
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What is Curative treatment for brain tumors?

Curative treatment is the data that shows how many patients surviveafter certain procedures. The success rate for treatment of braintumors varies a lot depending on what kind (MORE)
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What does cur mean?

Cur refers to a dog. Fighting dogs that regress to growling rather than maintain calm are referred to as 'cur'
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How do you use curative in a sentence?

Certain herbs have curative qualities. [If you don't know the meaning of "curative", this could mean that certain herbs can kill you] Try adding "and have restored health to (MORE)
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What does curative mean?

\nCurative is an adjective that means, the ability to cure something, typically a disease. Another word for this is medicinal.
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What does the root word cur mean?

Cur refers to a dog of mixed breed. Typically used as a slur or with derogatory connotations.
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What does the latin word cur mean?

The Latin word "cur" comes from the word "curre." Curre means"house dog." So, a cur is a mutt, or mixed breed dog. Some peoplethins curs are inferior to purebred animals.
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What is the cost of a mountain cur dog?

Usually about $200 - $600 but I got my Brendal mountain cur at an animal shelter for $60 a really good price so you should try to go to an animal shelter and find one and she (MORE)
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What is curative petition?

The concept of Curative petition was evolved by the Hon'ble Supreme court in the matter of Rupa Ashok Hurra vs.Ashok Hurra(2002)4SCC338 where the question was whether an aggre (MORE)
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How do you cur a soar throat?

It really depends on the cause of the sore throat. Occasionally a persons throat can become sore by consuming something that irritates the lining of the throat and the only pr (MORE)
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What is the meaning of the dog breed cur?

The term 'cur' does not refer to a breed of dog. Cur is used to describe a mixed breed dog or, in the US, it is used to refer to a hunting dog.
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What does the root word curs mean?

The root word "curs" means "to run". Some examples of this are "current, concurrent, concur, incur, recur, occur, precursor, cursive".
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What is stray cur?

A stray is an animal that doesn't have a home; a cur is a dog ofundetermined lineage, or a mutt. Also there are two regional breeds of dogs that have "cur" as partof their na (MORE)
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Was Paul Revere's dog a cur dog?

I doubt it. He was a family man with 6 children and couldn't afford one of them to be hurt by a dog that wasn't a family pet.
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How did people cur the plague?

Vaccines and burning cats and dogs carrying the fleas. Later The Great Fire of London helped too.
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What is curative conservation?

[La conservation curative est une intervention directe sur le bien culturel dans le but d'en retarder l'altération] (charte ECCO, 1993)
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How smart is a black mouth cur?

I have owned and trained many dogs including in search and rescue.But I will say that my BMC is the smartest yet by far. pottytrained in 1 day, crate potty trained in 4 days. (MORE)
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What is curative health care?

Curative health care deals with cure or treatment of ill health as against preventive health care that deals with prevention of ill health (vaccination).
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What does the bible say about saying curs words?

Eph 4:29 ESV "Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear." Col (MORE)
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What is the proper way of smoking curred products?

Cold smoking is how you smoke cured products, as you don't want to cook them. There are very small and compact cold smokers, but for larger designs, the firebox is usually at (MORE)
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Where do you find all the ingredients in vampires curs?

how about this: she must track down the vampire who turned her and on the anniversary of the night she was first turned, she must drink that vampire's blood, almost to the la (MORE)
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What is the best brand to cur acne?

cetaphil is a very good brand ( use gental wash ) also mentholatium acnes the brand from japan is a very good brand. also use clearasil ultra four hours cream and wipes. (MORE)
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What word starts with prefix cur?

To the best of my knowledge, "cur-" is not a prefix. There are 280 words beginning with "cur" in the Scrabble dictionary. Here are 70 of the more common ones: curability cur (MORE)
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Is marijuana a curative drug?

Yes. It's used to treat cancer, aides, epilepsy and many other serious conditions with no negative side effects.
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What is the derivation of the word cur?

The word cur is thought to be derived from the Middle English word "curdogge". Curdogge is derived from the word "curren", which means "to growl". Cur is a slang word that ref (MORE)
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What breedes make up a mountain cur?

The Mountain Cur is a breed of dog that is classified as a hound. It is typically used to hunt such game as wild boar and bear; however, it makes a great farm dog as well.
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Is there Any curs for Cancer?

Yes, There are conventional treatments available. These generally include chemotherapy and radiation (which have between a 3% and 5% success rate over five years). A less know (MORE)
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How did Athena curs medusa and why?

It's always iffy answering mythology questions, because there can be multiple conflicting stories and since none of them actually happened anyway, there isn't any one "right" (MORE)