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What is amicus curiae?

Amicus curiae or friend of the court is someone who brings to the courts attention some point of law or fact something which would otherwise have been overlooked usually this (MORE)
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What are Amicus Curiae briefs and who can file them?

The vehicle through which representatives of special interestgroups are able to express opinions on matters before the Court iscalled an amicus curiae (pl. amici curiae), or (MORE)
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What does sub curia mean?

Re: What does the term sub curia refer to? . Sub curia means that the court is holding the motion for sentence modification until such a time as the defendant or his attorney (MORE)
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Is an amicus curiae brief permitted in family court?

I suppose that it could be but, in my experience, I have never seen or heard of it being done. Definition follows: Amicus Curiae is a Latin term meaning "friend of the (MORE)
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Are amicus curiae briefs filed in the US Supreme Court?

Yes. Amicus Curiae Briefs are filed in the Supreme Court and in any other court that hears appeals. Since an appeal both applies to the particular case before the court and th (MORE)
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Who made the roman curia?

The term Roman Curiausually refers to the administrative apparatus of the CatholicChurch. The name Curia comes from the institutions of ancient Rome.The Roman curia intended a (MORE)
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Why do lobbyists file amicus curiae briefs?

The only reason anyone files a brief as a "friend of the court" is because they have an interest in the outcome. While policy is generally made by the legislature, with the ap (MORE)
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Who governs the Church. Is it Roman Curia?

The pope governs the Church through the bishops and archbishops. The Curia is in place to assist the pope but are not part of the 'chain of command.'
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Was Curia a voice in the late middle ages?

No. The term "curia" was used in ancient times to indicate a distinct group of people in an official context, and this became, in the Middle Ages, the people of an administrat (MORE)
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What is the amicus curiae for the TLO v New Jersey case?

The correct 'style' of the case is New Jersey v. TLO , not the other way around. "Amicus curiae" is a Latin term meaning "friend of the court". A person or an organizatio (MORE)
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What are some amicus curiae of the fourth amendment?

The definition of Amicus Curiae is; Friend of the Court (i.e.: someone who brings to the courts attention some point of law or fact something which might otherwise have been (MORE)
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What was the Curia composed of?

The Curia is the administrative offices of the Vatican. It is headed by Cardinals and Bishops, staffed by Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and laity. For the complete ind (MORE)
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How much does a book cost in curia?

How much a book will cost in Curia will depend on a couple of factors. There are so many different types of books that are sold at different prices which explains the differen (MORE)
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How much does a soda cost in curia?

The curia means ÒcourtÓ in the Latin and is traditionally a reference to the Roman court. The cost of a soda in the curia would depend on if it is purchased in vending m (MORE)
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When was the first ancient Roman curia created?

The curia in the sense of the the senate house was said to have been first built by Tullius Hostilius, the third king of Rome, in the 7th century BC. It was called Curia Hosti (MORE)
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What does amicus curiae mean in English?

"Amicus curiae" is a legal term that means "friend of the court" in English. The term refers to someone not in a party on a case that provides information pertaining to the ca (MORE)
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Who are members of the Curia in the Catholic Church?

The members of the Curia are mostly clergy whom the Holy Father hasasked to work for him, it is the entire government appartus of thechurch. It is outlined at the link below.
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How old is curia in rome?

If you are referring to the administration of the Catholic Church, the date of its beginning is not certain . The final shape of the administration of the Vatican, the curia, (MORE)
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What movie and television projects has Thais Curia been in?

Thais Curia has: Performed in "El comisario" in 1999. Performed in "La vida de Rita" in 2003. Played Herself - Host in "Jugar y Ganar" in 2005. Performed in "Los simuladores" (MORE)
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An amicus curiae is brought by?

An amicus curiae is brought about by the need to take into accountadditional information on court cases, such as expert opinion.
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Amicus curiae means?

Literally means 'friend of the court'. That is a person not a party to a case who provides information to the court on a point of law, in an attempt to help the court make a d (MORE)