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What is the value of an autographed 1955 All-Star game baseball with Joe Nuxhall Ed Mathews Stan Lopata Willie Mays Roy Campanella Gil Hodges Stan Musial Red Schoendienst and Leo D's signatures?

Answer . The value of your baseball would be determined by a number of factors -- in particular, condition and specific players who have signed the ball. Many of the player (MORE)
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Why is there no sound coming from my factory stereo but the fuse is ok in my 2000 ford escort zx2 all L E D's are working?

More than likely the factory amp(located under the drivers seat) has failed. All speaker wires feed into it, but only the rear speakers are amplified. They are cheap and fail, (MORE)
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What is 2-D's real name?

2D's real name is Stuart Pot ( Tusspot but prefers Pot insted ) so thats his real name
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What is G-d's name?

(Orthodox Jewish answer) It is not permitted to accurately spell or pronounce God's name. The four letters Y, H, V, H (in Hebrew) were not handed down to us with the correc (MORE)
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When was the contributor KYLE-D's birthday?

Imagine my surprise at finding this question. My birthday is April 7th & while I'd love to be 20-29 years old as answered (whoever that was), I am not.