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Why are there no B batteries -- there are A AA AAA C D but no B?

The codes A and B were used for batteries providing voltage to portable vacuum tube devices. As battery powered vacuum tube devices were rapidly discontinued with the spread o ( Full Answer )
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How long is flight from JFK to cle?

Answer . it never ends never. Answer . it never ends never. Answer . Non-stop is about 2 hours, plus or minus about 15 minutes (depending on which airline you choos ( Full Answer )
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What do vitamins A B C D do?

Vitamin A . needed for: . normal vision and enables the eys to see in dim light . keeps lining of throat, air passages and digestive system moistand healthy . keeps skin ( Full Answer )
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What is an A B C or D horse?

The A, B, C, D stuff is actually sizes of ponies. Ponies, if you didn't know go from size 1m05 to 1m48. So if you say to some one I want to buy a pony, he or she will be like, ( Full Answer )
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What chord is D G D B D G?

if you are going from low to high, this is a G Major Chord, in second inversion (that is to say, the fifth [D] is the lowest note. Otherwise, it's in Root position, with G in ( Full Answer )
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South of nowhere how does cle y die?

Clay gets shot in a drive by shooting on prom night by the gangsters that were harrassing Boz earlier
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A b c or d?

Which ofthese statements best adds persuasive language to thepassage?. "Aunty Mina had assumedthe role of a mentor and wanted to share. . .". "These two women werebrought ( Full Answer )
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Prove If a b and c d then a c b d?

a/b = c/d Multiply both sides by b/c Thus (a/b)*(b/c) = (c/d)*(b/c) ie a/c = b/d
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What does A and B of the C of D stand for?

Above and Beyond of the Call of Duty. Or Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. Whichever one you like.
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What is address of CLE Conference Center?

Minnesota Continuing Legal Education Center 2550 University Avenue West, Suite 160-S Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114
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What is the analogy for d-B to r?

Resistance: objectively quantified. Decibels: subjectively, irrationally, diverse quality/quantity Analogy: white man (subject) can't jump (objective) [stereotypicalcontext]
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101 b to d?

There are 10 kinds of people: those who understand binary numbers, and those who don't.
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Are b and d congruent?

it is a possible yes counting on the size and the part that is common, the reflection. The letters b and d are a common use of words in the same word like bad bed the name bob ( Full Answer )
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What starts with B and ends with D?

· backboard · backfield · background · backward · backyard · bad · badland · baked · ballad · band · bard · barm ( Full Answer )
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What is your GPA if you make a d and a b?

Not all schools use the "A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1" formula, but this is probably the most common. So one "B" and one "D" gives you a total of 4 points, divided by two classe ( Full Answer )
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Who is search a b c d?

One of the following search engine is exclusively meant for scientific information : (A) Google (B) Yahoo (C) SCIRUS (D) Altavista
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What is d b m?

10 times the base 10 logarithm of some number of milliwatts of power divided by 1 milliwatt of power. Therefore, 0 dbm is the same as 1 milliwatt of power. Often used to descr ( Full Answer )
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What does une cle USB mean in English?

Une clé USB - I believe it's a Flash/Memory Drive. I found the following definition from and translated it to English: • A USB drive (Une clé USB) is a ( Full Answer )
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What words end with the suffic cle?

There are a large number of words ending with those letters, here are some examples: Semicircle Barnacle Tentacle Unicycle Monocle Icicle Uncle
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What does the abbreviation cle stand for?

There are many meanings to the abbreviation cle. The one meaning that is consistent is continuing legal education. Some others found in the on-line abbreviation sites refer to ( Full Answer )
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What types of products does Cle De Peau offer?

Cle De Peau produces and sells different beauty and health products for your skin. These can consist of makeup, toners or things like skin cleaning chemicals.
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What are CLE credits used for?

In many of the United States, CLE credits are required for attorneys to maintain their license to practice law. CLE credits usually have a set number of hours one must comple ( Full Answer )
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What has the author D B written?

D. B. has written: 'The prophet approved by the words of his prophesie coming to passe' -- subject(s): Prophecies, Controversial literature, Society of Friends, History 'A ( Full Answer )
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How old is D. B. Weiss?

D. B. Weiss is 43 years old. He was born on April 23, 1971 in Chicago, Illinois.