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Why does head butting hurt your opponent more than it hurts you?

Answer . It doesn't! Who ever told you it did? You have been watching too many movies . In the real world , it hurts both people, and only a fool would head butt his opp ( Full Answer )
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Why do baboOns have purple buts?

because they pooped out purple poo and smeared it on their butt and it dried and wouldn't come off
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What is butting?

Butting was the son of an ironmonger and of a piano teacher. He received his first musical instruction from his mother and later from the organist Arnold Dreyer. After attendi ( Full Answer )
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What is a butted seam?

After looking for myself, the only electrical 'butted seam' I can find is in regards to the construction of the actual crimp-on connectors.. A butted seam here means that the ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell butting?

A goat hitting your backside with his head is "butting". (So is using your forehead in boxing.)
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Black girls have big buts?

what do your eyes tell you? Not all of them but yes, I think its in our genes or something.
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Butting native string instrument?

This is a bow that has one hemp string and is plucked using a smallstick. It gives off an interesting sound that can only be found inthe region.
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How does a cigarette buts pollute?

Cigarette butts are the most common item found in litter. This is especially true for litter in beaches. They are toxic and non-biodegradable. See Link
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Why do cats buts go up when you pet them?

They stick their tail in the air when they're greeting someone or they're happy, so when they move their tail up their butt lifts with it. xD
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Why are buts big?

Butts are big on baboons rather then other monkey because its for there mating ritual. The bigger and redder the butt is the more females will want them. The reason is it ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of butting heads?

When sheep or goats want to prove who is the strongest they butt their heads together until one gives up, leaving the other the winner. In the same manner when two people try ( Full Answer )
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Are all men's buts hairy?

well from my many experiences, the answer is yes. It was like chewbacca but worse a horrrible nightmare i couldn't wake up from. Also he told me to finger his butthole but the ( Full Answer )
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My goldfish keeps head butting the other one why is this?

Goldfish will sometimes do this if their living conditions are not large enough? They also do it if they are looking for a partner to spawn with. Are you doing the right thing ( Full Answer )
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Why does the goldfish keep head butting the other one?

Goldfish will sometimes do this if their living conditions are not large enough? They also do it if they are looking for a partner to spawn with. Are you doing the right thing ( Full Answer )
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Origin of men wearing ther pant blow there buts?

Some people think the 1990s saw the introduction of boxer briefs which take the longer shape of boxers but maintain the tightness of briefs. Hip hop stars popularized "sagging ( Full Answer )
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Do guys like big buts?

well it really depends how you present it. such as skinny jeans will surly attract a guys attention. It also depends on the guy. But yes majority of guys like large butts
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Why do guys like girls buts?

First, a spelling correction: it's butts not buts. Guys like girl's butts because of hormones and sexual urges toward the girl.
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Do girls pee out of their buts?

No girls do not pee out of their Butts, if that was what you were asking :)
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Why do pugs lick their buts a lot?

They may need their anal glands emptied. This is usually done when you take your pug to the groomer. To do this you place your forefinger and thumb on each side of the anus an ( Full Answer )
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Why do dogs have buts?

Dogs have butts just like humans because they need something to dispose their wastes. They also have disposals of urine. They dispose these things because, If you don't dispos ( Full Answer )
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What boys can stick up their buts?

Handle of plunger or something similar, bottles if they'll fit, fingers, tampon (make sure the string hangs out), use spit as lubrication, brushes, and much more.
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Why do gorillas have non harry buts?

This is because whenever they are the moms take it upon themselves to eat the hair off of their buts
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How many sq ft would 60000 buts heat?

As many as you like (do you mean per minute, per hour or per week?)- a small number might be too hot for you, a large number and too cool. Answer depends on how many you remov ( Full Answer )
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What does the phase 'No ifs or buts' mean?

A very popular idiom, or phrase, that stands for "no excuses". It was mostly used by parents for telling their children to complete a task without any form of delay.