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What is a sugar daddy?

It is a man who supports a woman so that she will have sex with him - he buys her expensive gifts and usually pays for her house or apartment and furnishings.
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Who is Daddy Yankee?

Daddy Yankee is a Puerto Rican rapper. He is 32 years old. He has a family. He is so fine. He was one of the only celebrities that voted for John McCain. He was born in Rio Pi ( Full Answer )
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Who is your daddy and what does he do?

A dad or daddy is a male who either fathered a child or is a guardian of the child. In this role, a dad is supposed to protect, care for, and provide for the health and well-b ( Full Answer )
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Who is plies daddy?

We Dont know who is plies daddy but we are going to fine outsoon The father of " Plies "has never been announced to the public. He lived with his motherKarla Washington.
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What is a Daddy?

Here are some meanings for "Daddy": . your father . any male significant other (boyfriend, husband) . a dominant male in a gay sado-machochistic relationship
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Why does daddy drink?

As a human being, 'Daddy' relies on the regular consumption of fluids to survive. If 'Daddy' stopped drinking, he would die of dehydration and you would never be able to see h ( Full Answer )
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What is a daddy bear?

Bears tend to have hairy bodies and facial hair , but the fact is this expression is used in the sexual issues , which mean a married man looking or having a sexual affair w ( Full Answer )
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Why does daddy touch you?

Presuming this means sexually, as this is categorized in sexualabuse, it means your father is in need of accountability and help.A father who touches his children sexually is ( Full Answer )
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Why is your daddy blah?

josh and rob and zach are cool dudes... or are they????? this looks like a job for mr. unintended... siihut shut your pie hole... 7yx=c aDEWQ
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Where is your mommy and daddy?

Right now my mommy is at home making dinner and my daddy is coming home from work. I don't know where anyone else's is. ^^ Daddys not coming home from work, hes just having ( Full Answer )
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Daddy from Beyonce?

I am guessing that you would like to know where Beyonce's father is from. Matthew Knowles is African American and is a very successful record manager, he raised Beyonce in Hou ( Full Answer )
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Who is daddy rice?

An actor by the name of Thomas Dartmouth “Daddy” Rice, wrote a song about “Jim Crow.” He supposedly got the idea of the song from hearing a slave or a Blac ( Full Answer )
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What is a craw daddy?

A craw dad  "kraw-dad" is a crayfish, also called crawdaddy; it is a small freshwater crustacean which looks a lot like a shrimp.
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Who is Jesus daddy?

earthy father = Joseph (even though Joseph was not the literal birth father of him) heavenly father = God
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Who is hoopz daddy?

His name is Stanley Alexander, a Bass Guitarist and music producer out of Inkster Mi.
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Why do your daddy fart?

Because he eats to much beans and gaaasy food. And because lots of air flows thought his stomach. Thanks, Professional of Farts
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What is a daddy sheep?

A daddy sheep is called a Ram. A male sheep that has been castrated is called a wether. A mom or female sheep is called a ewe. And a baby sheep is called a lamb.
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Why is your daddy your daddy?

Your daddy is the one who loves you more than all the world. He is the one who gets up and makes sure that you are comfortable at night, disciplines you when you need it, and ( Full Answer )
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What is a swing daddy?

A guy that goes from girl, to girl and thinks he can get away with it
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Why is daddy abusive?

sometimes when your daddy drinks he gets drunk and very abusive ! also mabe daddy was abused when he was young
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Is daddy a nice daddy?

Depends on who your daddy is. If he is nice, then he is a nice daddy! -Nice: kind, delightful. To behave in a friendly, ingratiating, or conciliatory manner.
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Are you a big daddy?

only if you have powers, carry guns and a mechanical drill around, have a little creepy girl follow you around, and live in a diving suit in an underwater city called Rapture. ( Full Answer )
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Do mummies have daddys?

hmmm interesting question, yes mummys do have daddys. this is because 1mummy + 1daddy = another mummy or daddy if the new mummy or daddy meets another mummy or daddy and pro ( Full Answer )
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Who the is your daddy?

If you ask "Who's your daddy?," you are exerting dominance over someone. If you make a slam dunk in a basketball game, you would turn to the opposing team and ask, "who's your ( Full Answer )
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Which is correct WHOSE your Daddy or Who is your daddy?

You can say 'Who is your daddy'? or 'Who's your daddy?' but not 'Whose'. The common confusion between the correct usage of "whose" and "who's" results from the similari ( Full Answer )
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Who is Gokus daddy?

Well when he left the sayian planet before it blew up it explained that Bardock was the father of Goku and Raditz
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How do you do the cat daddy?

cross right to your left hand then left hand to your right then make a fist on both ur hands then go down but push your hands to ur elbow like ur boxing then go down
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Is he my daddy or my grandpa?

Im not your Daddy! Im Your Grandpa! Wrinkled Balls And Everything! And i cant pop a boner without passing gass!
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Do you miss your daddy?

My daddy lives about 20 minutes away from me so I do not miss him. I see him almost daily and I make it a point to have father-daughter time when I can.
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How is it hard to be a daddy?

It isn't hard to be a daddy. A daddy will want to love, protect and provide for their children. Life is not always easy and it may seem difficult at times, but knowing the eff ( Full Answer )
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Who is your varf daddy?

Varf is Romanian for peak or top. So this question would be who is your top daddy? The "varf" daddy in music at this time is P.Diddy who has a net worth of over $580 million.
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Who is the daddy activist?

A Google search of the keywords, "Daddy Activist" results inseveral stories about Donald Tenn, widely known in media and socialcircles as the daddy activist. Donald frequently ( Full Answer )
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Who was Job's daddy?

I assume you mean the Old Testament patriarch Job. The Bible does not give us an answer to your question, so any other reply would be a poor guess.
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Is daddies a contraction?

No, the word daddies is a plural noun. A contraction (such as don't) is a shortened form of a word or words that replaces one or more letters with an apostrophe, and has a dif ( Full Answer )
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When do you capitalize daddy?

When the word is at the start of a sentence. eg Daddy comes home at7:pm. Or when the word is used as a proper noun. eg Jack's Bar hasrecently been renamed to Daddy's Bar.