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Why is pi day on pi day?

Answer Pi day is on March 14th or 3/14. This is because an approximation of the number pi is 3.14.
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When do I use Day by day or day to day?

Answer . They are quite close in meaning. "Day by day" refers to process and the passage of time, such as the famous dictum of Emile Coué: "Day by day, in every way, ( Full Answer )
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What is a day?

It is the 24 hour period, for planet Earth. An hour is 60 minutes and 1 minute equals 60 seconds. 24 hours is called the "solar day". It depends on the Sun's position in ( Full Answer )
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What day is independance day on?

4 July ... the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776
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What is a dais?

A dais is simply a platform (typically raised) on which something or someone is placed so as to be easily viewed.. Interestingly, the term is applied to platforms ranging fro ( Full Answer )
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What day is that?

It is the day after the day before yesterday, but only if that day was the first day of the last week of the first year before time began.
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What day is it?

Please see the related link below for the homepage which lists the current month, day and year as well as the day of the week in the upper right corner of the page ( Full Answer )
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When are dog days from what day to what day?

The dog days are the hottest, most humid days of summer, and do not have any specific dates. Depending on the location on Earth, the dog days start and end at different dates. ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to day?

These are the things you should do. . hang out with your friends. talk on the phone with somebody. go shopping. take a vacation. go on a cruse with your.... go t ( Full Answer )

The day after the day before the day after yesterday?

In such questions we need to search for the starting point or the clue. The clue in the question is the word "Yesterday" which is at the last. So this is our starting point. ( Full Answer )
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Is presidents day the day after valentines day?

No it is not. It can be but it changes every year. Last year it was on my birthday and its on the 19th. So it can br but its not every year! Hope this helps.
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What is a doctors day to day tasks?

Doctors take care of clients and give people the right medicine they need to make a person healthy.
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What is the day of Wikipedia day?

Wikipedia Day is celebrated on Wikipedia every year on January 15. Various events happen on a public or semi-public basis around the world - for example, in 2010, a selection ( Full Answer )
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Who is day day from the rangers?

Day Day (Dashawn Blanks) Is In A Jerking Group Called 'The Ranger$' From East LA. They Have 170+ Video's On Youtube. Day Day Is The One That Has Braces && And Is The Skinniest ( Full Answer )
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What day is the last day of February?

on the last day of february it will be the 28th, the day, e.g wednesday, changes every year so it is hard to tell. it makes it even harder to say as every four years there is ( Full Answer )
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What day is the first day of spring?

The date for the start of Spring each year is the Vernal Equinox, the day on which the overhead path of the Sun moves across the equator. The actual date depends on one's loca ( Full Answer )
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Do you say till this day or to this day?

'Till this day' means/is the same as 'to this day', so either way its put it will work. :-) actually 'til is spelt with one L as it is an abbreviation of until.
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Which days of the month have 28 days?

Every month has 28 days - Febuary just doesn't have any more than that (except on a leap year).
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What does live day by day means?

It means to live each day carefree, without worry or planning or thinking of the future.
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What day is the Holy Sabbath day?

The Holy Sabbath Day is Saturday. exodus 20: 8 It begins at sunset on Friday and ends when one can see 3 stars in the sky on Saturday evening. If overcast Shabbat (Sabbath) ( Full Answer )
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Why was the day of Earth Day chosen?

Earth day is held on April 22nd every year. It was chosen on this day for a few resons.. 1) It is late enough in the spring to be able to expect decent weather. 2) It wi ( Full Answer )
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What do we do on election days or nomination days?

On election days, we vote for who should be a good politician for the United State of America, Congress, Supreme Court, NC State House, Senate, or Governor. ALWAYS REMEMBER ( Full Answer )
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What day was Mother's Day in 1979?

Mother's Day was on May 13th of 1979. Mother's Day is always on the second Sunday of May.
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What day was mother's day in 1986?

Traditionally, (since 1914) Mother's Day has always been the secondSunday in May. I have attached a proclamation from President RonaldReagan, designating MAY 11,1986 Mother' ( Full Answer )
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What is the day that's before the day but after the day?

It could be any day, lets say. What is the day that is before the 15th but after the 13th. Or it could be that, What is the day that is before the 31st but after the 1st. In t ( Full Answer )
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Why does day come after the days of the week?

Because they where originally days of gods (and/or planets/sun and moon). For examle the Latin of Monday is dies lunae "day of the moon" in other words, moon day. Or Nors ( Full Answer )
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Where is the answer of the day?

Right As You Enter website its below the green Enter Question Or Phrase..... Hope This Helps! :-)
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How do you get day?

the earth revolves around the sun and when the sun is facing away from earth it is night and then when it is facing the sun it is day also
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Is Boxing day the day after Christmas day?

Boxing Day is a bank or public holiday that occurs on 26 December, or the first or second weekday after Christmas Day, depending on national or regional laws.
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How do you get your answer to be Answer of the Day?

Currently our Answer of the Day is written by staff. If you are particularly proud of an answer, you can promote it by sharing it through social networks such a ( Full Answer )
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Why do you get days?

Days were created as a time-scale like seconds. What we call a day is 24 hours and there are 365.25 days in a year hence the leap year. ()
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What day was ANZAC Day on and why was that day chosen?

ANZAC Day, commemorated on 25 April every year, came about as a result of the Gallipoli campaign in World War I. The date is the result of a specific and tragic event that occ ( Full Answer )
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Why do we have day?

The Earth makes a complete revolution about every 24 hours, givingus a day and a night.