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Are daises good flowers to give a girlfriend?

give her roses by maisia well daises are not the best idea roses are best because their red and are money which shows you really care
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What are medical uses for daises?

Well, i don't know the medical side of it, but it sure makes me feel better to smell one when I'm blue. thanks for asking: alexis Blair here anytime
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What country do daises come from?

Daises come from all countries except from the north, south pole and the equator so daises come from everywhere.
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Are daises weeds?

The definition of a weed is a plant growing in the wrong place therefore if you want daisies growing then they are not weeds
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Muscle that daises ribs in forceful inhalation?

Rhomboideus Major The rhomboid major helps to hold the scapula (and thus the upper limb) onto the ribcage. It also acts to retract the scapula, pulling it towards the vertebra ( Full Answer )
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How do you get daises in lpso?

You sniff flowers until you hit lvl. 2 skill up, then sniff them until you get 3 rose daises! And that is how to get the skunk also. I hope this helps.... ( i edited it bc the ( Full Answer )
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Are daises edible?

You can eat anything small enough to put in your mouth and daisies would probably make you sick.
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What moshlings have crazy daises in them?

The moshlings you need crazy daisies for are: . Humprey. Rocky. Cleo. Bonkers Iggy . White fang. jeepers. burnie. shishi. cutie pie.
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What has the author Ronald Daise written?

Ronald Daise has written: 'Mr. Bradley's day of surprises' -- subject(s): Toy and movable books, Fiction, Specimens, African Americans, Fishing 'Reminiscences of Sea Islan ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Michael A Daise written?

Michael A. Daise has written: 'Feasts in John: Jewish festivals and Jesus' \\' -- subject(s): OUR Brockhaus selection, Bible