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Who is or was Salvador Dali?

Salvador Dali was an amazing surreal artist! He was Spanish. Salvador Dali was a surrealist.
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Who was Salvador Dali?

He was an important surrealist artist,who had adhd treatments symptoms clinical trials. Please see related link for a pic of one of his more identifiable pieces.
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Who is Dali lama?

The 14th Dalai Lama is the spirtual leader of the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism. His birth name is Lhamo Dondrub . His religious l name is Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Ye ( Full Answer )
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Did Salvador Dali go to college?

Yes, he did, bearing in mind that the Spanish school system of his time was not the same as present-day American
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Is salvador Dali dead?

Yes, Salvador Dali died on January 23, 1989 in Figueres from heart failure with respiratory complications.
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Who was Charles Daly?

Charles Daly was a hardwear store owner and was a partner with Shoverling and Gales. His partners figure his name would sound better on a gun than theirs so the Charles Daly g ( Full Answer )
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Did Salvador Dali go to school?

Of course he did. Drawing school in Figueres, and Art Academy San Fernando in Madrid..
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Who did Salvador Dali inspire?

Salvador Dali inspired many people. Though he inspired those who liked his paintings and those who wanted to be artists... But not only did he inspire people, he also showed p ( Full Answer )
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Where is Salvador Dali buried?

Dalí is buried in a crypt in the Theatre-Museum basement in Figueres in Spain. He is amongst his work.
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Where did Salvador Dali go to school?

The young Dali attended the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid.. From
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Who is the Dali?

Salvador Dali (not THE Dali) was a famous surrealist artist. Click link below to read about him!
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Where is Dali Museum?

In St. Petersburg, Florida. Here is the website... And in Figueres, north of Barcelona, Spain. And in Paris.
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Who inspired Dali and how?

Dali's skills of painting are often accredited to the influence of Renaissance masters.. He was deeply influenced by Sigmund Freud's writings about the unconscious and dreams ( Full Answer )
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What is DALYs Lost?

DALY is the disability-adjusted life years. Part of the larger scale Qaly - Quality-adjusted life years. A way of measuring the impact a certain disease or disability has on a ( Full Answer )
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What colors does Salvador Dali use?

Salvador likes darker colors because he was always sad and most dark colors mean sadness... he mostly likes midnight blue or any other blue
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Is it hot in daly waters in Australia?

Daly Waters has hot summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Daly Waters is approximately 35 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 24 °c. Daly Wate ( Full Answer )
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How did Salvador Dali have an impact on art?

He was the foremost propagator of Surrealism, which interested many people and inspired many artists. After what he did, a lot of people knew about surrealism, even if it wasn ( Full Answer )
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How many siblings did salvador Dali have?

He had a sister named Ana Maria who was three years younger and anolder brother who died before Dali was born.
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At what time did Salvador Dali die?

Dali died of heart failure on January 23 rd 1989 and is buried under the geodesic dome in the Teatre-Museu Dalí.
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Is tyne daly in Grey's Anatomy?

No she is not she guest starred as Mrs. Shepherd (Derek's mom) in season 5
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What was Bill Gates daly income?

if we divide his 26 years at Microsoft to the total amount of money he has, he earned 5millions a day
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What caused the of death of Salvador Dali?

On January 23, 1989, while his favorite record of Tristan and Isolde played, Salvador Dali died of heart failure at the age of 84.
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Where is Dali made?

The "Dali" products are usually made in Lebanon,since "Dali" is Lebanese.But only the "Dali" eyeliners are made in Germany.
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Was salador Dali just an artist?

No, Dalí was not only an artist. He engaged in a lot of other things in his lifetime aside from painting, including theater, sculpture, photography, and clothing design.
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Who made the watch of Salvador Dali?

One of Salvador Dali's most famous paintings is "The Persistence ofMemory," which shows several watches melting in a surreallandscape.
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Was Salvador Dali close to his family?

Salvador Dali lived in the shadow of his deceased older brother who had died nine months before Salvador's birth. This older brother's name who had died before Salvador Dali's ( Full Answer )
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Where did the surname Daly originate?

Boldly displaying the mighty family motto of "Loyalty toGod and king!" while forcefully striding through the erosionalsands of time, the proud and noble Irish Daly family clai ( Full Answer )
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What feelings did you get from only Dali or the gods?

The way the poem is written makes you feel sorry for Narcissus. The poet uses phrases like 'golden and disgraced' and 'stuck forever'. This is an effective way to talk about N ( Full Answer )
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Did Salvador Dali only paint?

No, he also made sculptures. And, according to what I've read, he also made 2 ridicuously cool mannequins for a department store, which the owners remodeled w/out Dali's per ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell Daly in Irish?

Ó Dálaigh - if you're a man Ní Dhálaigh - if you're a woman Uí Dhálaigh - if you're a woman and married to Daly
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When did salvador Dali paint?

Salvador Dali painted long time ago back in the early 1900 when he was alive
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Why should you have a Salvador Dali mustache?

If you're a fan of Salvador Dali you could have one as an omage to the artist you love. Also his moustache has become a symbol of eccentricity, so if you consider yourself to ( Full Answer )
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What sport is tom daly famous for?

It depends. There are a couple of baseball players and a basketball player by that name.
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Is Dali a writer?

Salvador Dali was a famous Spanish painter. He did, however write some books on Art and his memories. See related link.