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What is a dental dam?

It is a device placed in the mouth to isolate a tooth during a procedure so not to get any saliva or water on the tooth. :) Dental dam is a rubber membrane which prevents ba ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Hoover Dam?

Hoover Dam is in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on theborder between Arizona and Nevada in the USA. At the bottom or southern end of Lake Mead at theNevada-Arizona ( Full Answer )
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What is A Hydro Dam?

Possibly not the best phrased question however you could say that a hydro dam is a dam that's primary function is the generation of hydropower. I note that under the heading o ( Full Answer )
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What is a dam?

A dam is a. Short for d igital a sset m anagement , a system that creates a centralized repository for digital files that allows the content to be archived, searched and ( Full Answer )
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What are dams?

1 a barrier to obstruct the flow of water, esp. one of earth, masonry, etc., built across a stream or river. 2. a body of water confined by a dam. 3. any barrier resembling a ( Full Answer )
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What is a dam for?

Keeping water in reserve for times of drought so that there is plenty of drinking water, agricultural needs, and in some cases a minimum river height for navigation. If the da ( Full Answer )
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What is dam?

A dam is a big wall to stop water getting through to certain places. It is also used to irrigate water, and some dams, to make hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity is electricit ( Full Answer )
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What type of dam is the pyramid dam?

The Pyramid Dam in Los Angeles County is an embankment dam. The damis 386 feet high and 1,080 feet long. The catchment area of the damis 293 square miles.
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Uses of dams?

It is an impervious or fairly impervious barrier put across a natural stream so that a reservoir is formed. . This water is utilised as and when it is needed. . Due to the c ( Full Answer )
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What are the functions of dams?

dams generally serve the primary purpose of retaining water, while other structures are used to manage or prevent water flow.
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What are Locks and Dams?

Some areas have too much water, some not enough, and some have both conditions at different times. Because of this irregularity, dams can be built to make water supplies more ( Full Answer )
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What are multipurpose dams?

Dams are that act as barriers constructed across waterway to control the flow or raise the level of water . They are a non polluting source of producing electricity.It also ( Full Answer )
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Are dams harmful?

Dams are harmful in numerous ways. Dams are harmful to theenvironment, humans, and river life. Dams are known to destroy thedelicate eco-system.
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What type of dam is the Hoover Dam?

Hoover Dam is what is called an arch-gravity dam. The name curved-gravity dam or arched dam might also be applied. This type of dam uses a curve or arch which has it's apex or ( Full Answer )
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What do dam do?

A dam is a big wall to stop water getting through to certain places. It is also used to irrigate water, and some dams, to make hydroelectricity. Hydroelectricity is electricit ( Full Answer )
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Denison Dam when to open the dam?

What time of day is the spillway on the Denison Dam opened. I would like to fish below the dam when water is at its lowest point.
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How many dams are on the Hoover dam?

The Hoover Dam is only one dam. If you are talking about all the dams on the Colorado River there are six dams Glen Canyon dam, Hoover dam, Davis dam, Parker dam, Paulo Verde ( Full Answer )
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What is a dam burst?

A Dam Burst is when a dam is burst open due to natural causes, i. e. tornado, hurricane, rain flood, lightning.
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What type of dam hirakud dam?

The Hirakud Dam is the World's largest earthen dam. it is built across the Manhanadi River in India.
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What is building dams?

it is a wall kind of thing that blocks the water from going to the other side.
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What is adit in dam?

An adit is a horizontal tunnel used in mining. They're not directly related to dams but in the construction of Hoover Dam a number of adits were used to facilitate the constru ( Full Answer )
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What does a dam control?

A dam is created to control a resource. It can also be destroyed to control a resource. The resource being water, electricity, or insurance claims from the federal government ( Full Answer )
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Is dam an adverb?

No, it is not an adverb. The word dam is a noun, or a verb.
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What is the Tucuruí Dam?

The Tucuruí dam is a massive dam inaugurated in 1984 on the Tocantins River in the Amazon/Tocantins river basin in eastern Brazil. Built in a tropical rainforest, it backs ( Full Answer )
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What is a rubber dam?

A thin sheet of rubber, called a rubber dam, is placed in the mouth and around the base of the tooth to isolate the tooth and help to keep the operative field dry.
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What do dams provide?

Dams are put in place to hold back water. This is generally used to create a water reservoir, but can also sometimes be used as a form of flood control. Hydroelectric dams, li ( Full Answer )
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What does a dam regulate?

a dam regulates the water that is holding back of a creek . And this causes water to build up into a pond or lake .
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What is tikkun dam?

I believe you are referring to "tikkun olam" (תיקון עולם) whichmeans "repairing the world". It is a central point in ReformJudaism. Tikkun dam (× ( Full Answer )
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What are Montana's dams?

The Fort Peck Dam is a major dam inMontana on the Missouri River. 2It is 1,026 feet in length and over250 feet in height.
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What is a dam or a lodge?

a dam is made by a beaver which they make to stop the flow of water
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Are dams affordable?

Yes, dams are affordable! But we do not buy one. Well in some ways we do but the government uses our taxes to have one built. Hope this was a little helpful...
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Who was Secretariat's dam?

Secretariat's dam was Somethingroyal (1952-1983). She became the oldest broodmare to foal a Triple Crown winner at the age of 18 when she gave birth to her most famous offspri ( Full Answer )
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What is an dam?

A dam is way to control floods by putting a large wall across a river
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What kind of dam is the Keban Dam?

The Keban Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Euphrates, located in the Elazığ Province of Turkey.