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In what tv show this line was said damn damn damn?

Good Times, the mother said it. Also, Doc says it in BACK 2 THE FUTURE when Marty was late The line is also a running gag/trope in the comedy series Family Guy. When the char (MORE)

What is dAmn?

dAmn stands for deviantART Messaging Network - a set of technologies to enable realtime messaging for deviantART.

Damn it in Japanese?

ちくしょう /chi ku shou/. しまった /shi ma-tta/ also is close, meaning 'oh damn! holy stuff!.. etc'.

What is meant by damn it?

That is a mildly profane phrase, meaning to condemn or curse the present circumstances. It is used to express anger, frustration, or pain. One common use is when someone is ha (MORE)

What is glorify or damn?

Glorify means to praise or to give glory to. The other word means to condemn, or in a religious context, to cause eternal suffering.

Who influenced the damned?

They formed after the Sex Pistols had sort of started the English punk scene, so one would be safe in assuming that they had a major part to play in that, but so did most of t (MORE)
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Is damn an adverb?

No, the word damn is a verb, or an adjective (meaning damned). There are adverb forms such as damningly (in a damning manner).
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Am I damned?

No, and if you have done something that makes you think you arethen you need to ask God for forgiveness, if you do this allreligions tell us that God will forgive you.