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What was Lola in 'Damn Yankees'?

Answer \n. \nLola was a Temptess who was owned by the devil.\n. \n. \nApril Nixon played an old lady given youth again by Ray Walston, and conived into doing his ill will ( Full Answer )
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Is damn a bad word?

Some people may find the use of it or public expression offensive,but the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a badword, only context and the intent of the sp ( Full Answer )
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Who starred in queen of the damned?

Answer . Aaliyah , Stuart Townsend , Marguerite Moreau , Vincent Perez , Lena Olin , Paul McGann
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What is the origin of the cliche damned if you do and damned if you don't?

Is credited to Lorenzo Dow circa 1834. Lorenzo Dow was an American evangelist. He was 19 when he started preaching and would travel around the southern and northern parts of t ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell damn?

That is the correct spelling of "damn" to mean curse or condemn. The sound-alike word is dam (blockage, female parent in animals)
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What in the meaning of a damn?

Damn may refer to: . Word used to show annoyance or as a swear-word. (e.g. Damn it) . To disapprove something.(e.g. He damned all the ideas I presented) . To condemn some ( Full Answer )
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In what tv show this line was said damn damn damn?

Good Times, the mother said it. Also, Doc says it in BACK 2 THE FUTURE when Marty was late The line is also a running gag/trope in the comedy series Family Guy. When the char ( Full Answer )
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What is dAmn?

dAmn stands for deviantART Messaging Network - a set of technologies to enable realtime messaging for deviantART.
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What rhymes with damn?

Lamb, cram, cam, tam, am, clam, dam, gam, glam, gram, ham, iamb, jam, lam, mam, Pam, pram, ram, Sam, scam, scram, sham, slam, swam, tram, yam
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What does damned if you do and damned if you don't mean?

You have two choices do or don't do. If you do whatever it is you are going to do then your are in trouble, if you don't act out what you was going to do then your in trouble ( Full Answer )
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Damn it in Japanese?

ちくしょう /chi ku shou/. しまった /shi ma-tta/ also is close, meaning 'oh damn! holy stuff!.. etc'.
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What is a damned saint?

A saint that turned against God. Example: The devil. His name was Lucifer, and believe it or not, he was one of God's greatest angel followers. He became jealous of God and ( Full Answer )
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Where was the movie the damned united filmed?

The scenes in the film set at the Derby County training ground were actually filmed in Leeds at a football pitch ironically overlooking the Leeds United stadium.
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What is the right use of the word Damn?

The word "damn" is a verb meaning "to condemn." In a sentence: "The priest could do nothing but damn the politician's behavior." In the form of a noun, "damnation" is condem ( Full Answer )
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Are gay people wrong and damned?

God love you and god loves me, and god loves gay people becausethey're the same as you and me
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Who are the Elect and the damned?

The Elect are the Puritans that have gone through "conversion". In conversion, the Puritan will have an experience with God in which he tells them that they are going to heave ( Full Answer )
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When will the damned get out of hell?

Never, like the angels, our final choice between God or ourselves is final, once we are dead, it is therefore irrevocable. Hell is the state of being without God, and is given ( Full Answer )
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What words can be made from damned?

47 matches found: 6 letter word(s): DAMNED, DEMAND, MADDEN. 5 letter word(s): ADMEN, AMEND, MANED, MENAD, NAMED. 4 letter word(s): AMEN, DAME, DAMN, DE ( Full Answer )
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What was queen of the damned about?

After many years of sleeping in his coffin, the vampire Lestat awakens only to find that the world has changed and he wants to be a part of it. He gathers a following and beco ( Full Answer )
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Can god save you if your damned?

Why would God need to save you if it was his arbitrary rule structure that allowed you to be damned in the first place? If it was not arbitrary, who or what arbitrates for God ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by damn it?

That is a mildly profane phrase, meaning to condemn or curse the present circumstances. It is used to express anger, frustration, or pain. One common use is when someone is ha ( Full Answer )
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What is glorify or damn?

Glorify means to praise or to give glory to. The other word means to condemn, or in a religious context, to cause eternal suffering.
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Who influenced the damned?

They formed after the Sex Pistols had sort of started the English punk scene, so one would be safe in assuming that they had a major part to play in that, but so did most of t ( Full Answer )
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Is damned a bad word?

Damned is not a bad word. It means ' condemned to eternal punishment'. ie Hell. - These days it is used to indicate amazement, disavowal, or refusal (in such phrases as I'l ( Full Answer )
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Is damn rude?

It is generally used as an expletive to express anger and disgust. Also in a Theological sense it condemns an individual to eternal punishment. Although often used, the word i ( Full Answer )
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Is damn an adverb?

No, the word damn is a verb, or an adjective (meaning damned). There are adverb forms such as damningly (in a damning manner).
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Am I damned?

No, and if you have done something that makes you think you arethen you need to ask God for forgiveness, if you do this allreligions tell us that God will forgive you.
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What is damn Daniel?

Damn Daniel, was a catchphrase that got popular on twitter after avideo @Josholzz made featuring himself saying the catchphrase whilerecording 'Daniel'. This meme has spread r ( Full Answer )