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How can you tell when damsons are ripe?

Look for the following signs: * come readily away from the tree when gently pulled. * purple skin * fall from the tree if it is gently shaken - careful, as they bruis ( Full Answer )
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Is damson a fruit?

A damson is a fruit. They are like small plums and used a lot injams. When a damson is unripe it can taste sour.
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When To Pick Damson?

When it leaves the tree readilly and there is evidence that fruit has started to fall od its own accord ... look at the ground beneath!!!. John.
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What is the average lifespan of a damson tree?

I have a friend that has 4 different Damson trees planted by his great - grandfather before WW1. -They all still produce beautiful fruit every year at over 100 years old !
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How much space does a damson tree need?

Hi, A Damson tree needs about 4 feet of space around it. Damson trees are slow growing, and can be pruned as the grow.
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What has the author Rebecca Lynn Damson written?

Rebecca Lynn Damson has written: 'The effect of daily bean ingestion on the lipid profiles of normocholesterolemic college students' -- subject(s): Beans, Blood cholesterol, ( Full Answer )