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Who is Chimere-Dan?

Orieji Chimere-Dan is a social scientist and policy expert on development challenges of the less developed part of the world.
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Answers for dan?

that's not even cool. but i figured they would sooner or later. hes a big perv. . Well whatever. . I won't tell anyone
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What is dan dan 5600?

It's trazadone. I've taken it to help me sleep. My dose was 1 pill. It worked very well, but left me a bit tired the next morning..
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Who is dan dykstra?

Dan Dykstra is the owner of infoSHRED, West Michigan's top rated mobile document shredding and recycling company. Recently receiving the "Small Business of The Year" award fro ( Full Answer )
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What is the metal dan?

The Metal Dan is a sex act. It is most often performed by older men (usually middle aged) on children (usually under the age of 12, and most often male), however, a man can pe ( Full Answer )
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What is a famous Dan?

Dan Rather dan ackroyd dan quayle dan marino dan brown Daniel Boone Dierdorff (if brown doesn't work for ya)
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What is dan fool?

The guy is just using people's names to try and match up to cliches. Instead of saying your a "Damn fool" he says "Dan fool".
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How old is dan from dan vs?

The fictional character "Dan" is 20-something. The voice actor, Curtis Armstrong, was born November 27, 1953.