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What dans mean?

in french it means "in". Although, it cannot be used in certain contexts.
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Who is Chimere-Dan?

Orieji Chimere-Dan is a social scientist and policy expert on development challenges of the less developed part of the world.
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What is dans Bakugan?

Dans Partner is Pyrus Dragonoid Nickname Drago Hope this Helps Darkuslord
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What are dans bakugans?

old one he has many.New ventria he has scorpion and drago.In the new one Colossus dragnoid and drago
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How old is Dan-e-o?

Dan-e-o (Daniel Faraldo) is 40 years old (birthdate: June 10,1977).
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How did the franks know the vaan dans?

Only Otto Frank, the father, knew the family until both families met for the first time when going into hiding in the Secret Annex
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What is Grand dans pluriel?

If you're talking about -a man : grand (singular) -several men : grands (plural) -a girl : grande (singular) -several girls : grandes (plural)
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When did Harry Danning die?

Harry Danning died on November 29, 2004 at the age of 93.
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What is the Translation of est dans?

'est dans' means "is in / is into" in English. Ex: Le chat est dans la cuisine: the cat is in the kitchen.
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What does je dans?

Je danse* I dance Je dans means 'I in' which makes no sense
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When did Dan-I die?

Dan-I died in 2006.