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In what language did 'dauntless' originate?

The word dauntless is perfecty English - half French and half German. It was formed in the Middle English period. The first element is daunt, "to intimidate," which comes thro (MORE)
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Why would my 1970 buick 350 dauntless stall when accelerating but start and idle fine?

Better start with the basics: is the fuel filter good? does the fuel pump put out the proper pressure? does the carb appear dirty? how about the air filter? a jet change wo (MORE)

What term least describes the mood of this passage from The Jungle by Upton Sinclair Jr tonight in Chicago there are a hundred thousand children A chagrin B sullen C dauntless D despondent?

The full question and reading passage is: Tonight in Chicago there are a hundred thousand children wearingout their strength and blasting their lives in the effort to earnthei (MORE)

What Marine Division provided ground support for the Dauntless Dive Bomber on Guadalcanal during World War 2?

During the first three months of the fighting on Guadalcanal boththe 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions were on the island. After aboutthree months these were withdrawn and Army tro (MORE)