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What are the functions of DBA?

What is a DBA a nd what are their function? What is a DBA? What does a DBA do? The term, DBA refers to the Database Administrator. A database is a collection of informatio (MORE)

How loud is 55 dBA?

Table of sound levels L (loudness) and corresponding sound pressure and sound intensity . Sound Sources Examples with distance . dBA . Sound Pressure p N/m 2 = P (MORE)

What are the differences between a sql server dba and a sql dba?

The term SQL alone implies Structured Query Language as per the ANSI standard. Every Database Management System (DBMS) has its own "software" that makes it work. That being sa (MORE)

What is the difference between a Production DBA and an Application DBA?

Production DBA Career Path Production DBAs are like fridge technicians: they don't necessarily know how to cook, but they know how to fix the fridge when it breaks. They know (MORE)

What is the difference between oracle dba and Oracle Production DBA?

Oracle DBA who is solely responsible for Production databases and its issues(resolving tickets) can be called a Production DBA. He would still be an Oracle DBA , its only a di (MORE)

What is dba in dbms?

A DBA is a Database Administrator. It is the person who looks after the Database Management System. They may be part of the design team. They can look after who has access (MORE)

Where you can get the Sybase DBA training in delhi?

SAP is going to 2nd Database Vendor by 2015 ! Sybase Training Sessions: Regular Program & Fast Track Program for exp Ora/DB2/MS SQL DBAs & Developers ! Join Demo session (MORE)

Sybase dba training in delhi?

Please find the training snapshot as below: Prerequisite of Training: i) For the Sybase Adaptive Server(ASE): Basic Understanding of Database & Unix. ii) For the (MORE)
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How loud is 75 dba?

About a vacuum cleaner at 1 meter distance.

What is difference between oracle DBA and sql DBA?

Platform dependency- The primary difference is with respect to platform dependency, SQL is basically limited to the Windows platform where as Oracle is operable on multiple (MORE)

What is work of DBA?

DBA stands for database administrator in short. The DBA is person that is responsible for maintaining the data. A DBA has to ensure if the data is changed then it does not cau (MORE)
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What is the point of having a remote DBA?

The advantage to having a remote DBA is simple. It makes life more easy and conveniant for you. It is up to date, current, and can fit all of your daily needs. I highly recomm (MORE)
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What is a remote dba and how does it work?

Remote DBA stands for Remote Database Administration and it allows a service to monitor and maintain a database from a remote (off site) location. It also includes backup and (MORE)
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What exactly is DBA?

A DBA is often a Database Administrator, however this job does not make much money on average and usually several databases are managed by one person.
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How can one receive online DBA?

One can receive online DBA on many different online universities. Some of the online universities that offer online DBA are Walden University and California Southern Universit (MORE)