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What is a DE?

There are over 69 definitions for the abbreviation DE. Click on the related links section (Abbreviations) indicated below for a list.
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What nationality DE?

That nationality for the abbreviation DE is Germany. Germany isalso known as Deutschland in Europe and other parts of the world.
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What does DES DES mean?

Des Des is short for the youtuber's name Destery, Destery Moore to be in fact! he calls him self Capn Des Des. you know, because Destery starts with Des DEStery DESDES! haha y ( Full Answer )
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What is the answer for des over des?

Easy! at first i thought double dees, however that is not right. The answer is Despair. Check out
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What is the abbreviation of de?

The abbreviation of de is d' usually used in French, Italian or Spanish when the next word begins with a vowel.
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De briey de landres?

it is the same family still existing in France & belgium cte g de briey
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What is de-idealisation?

De-idealization is when a teenager begins to feel that their parents and teachers aren't always right. They think of celebrities or other friends to be more ideal at this stag ( Full Answer )
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What is de bugging?

Debugging is the often tedious process of locating and fixing the causes of incorrect behavior in a computer program. Although often tedious it can be quite exciting and fun w ( Full Answer )
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What was DES?

It was a hormone that was prescribed for pregnant women in the 1950s and early 1960s