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What is the deadliest scorpion?

the deadliest is the Fat-Tailed Scorpion found in North Africa causing several deaths a year. Anther deadly scorpion would be the Deathstalker. The smaller the scorpions claws (MORE)

What is the deadliest thing?

The most deadliest thing in the world is mankind, who pollutes the atomosphere, kills without reason, takes every resource from the earth and puts nothing back.
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What are the deadliest snakes?

The #1 most poisonous is the inland taipan The most aggressive is also very poisonous the black mamba Some others are the Fer-de-Lance, Cobra and theres more The most v (MORE)
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What is the deadliest drug?

The deadliest drug would be alcohol. Alcohol and alcohol-related deaths are responsible for more deaths annually than any other drug.

What is the deadliest bird?

The Cassowary, it's because it's so territorial and it thinks of you as a threat and they're very smart so they'll find some way for you to either leave or die! Another lethat (MORE)
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What is the deadliest ant?

Jack Jumper Ant A jack jumper ant (Myrmecia pilosula). These are a bit overhyped by the TV but it is apparently true that this ant kills more people in Tasmania than snak (MORE)

What rhymes with deadliest?

ablest adjust amplest aptest artist august baldest ballast barest bassist biased biassed biggest blackest blandest blankest bleakest blindest blithest blondest bluest (MORE)
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What is the deadliest mammle?

There is no such thing (in English) as a "mammle." There is, of course, a mammal. The deadliest mammal is arguably the hippopotamus, not the African lion, not the Bengal tiger (MORE)

What is the deadliest parasite?

the most deadly parasite know to man i did research and i found a list of the top ten and this one was at the top of the list even though it doesn't sound THAT bad The eye-in (MORE)