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Who is Dr. Dean?

Dean Edell . A physicain and host of the Dr. Dean Edell radio program Double click on Dean Edell for a biography.
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What is hurricane dean?

Hurricane Dean was a hurricane that formed in the Atlantic Ocean in 2007. It was the most intense hurricane since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Dean had a high sustained wind speed ( Full Answer )
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Who is deane pettereesien?

Answer . Deane Pettreesien is a canadien actor. He was born in Sarnia, Ontario,Canada. He lives with his wife Mary Jonathon in Detroit Michigan. He is on the show "Survive" ( Full Answer )
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What is a Dean?

A ranking official in either college or university who is responsible for the organization of a department or multiple departments. Similar to the principal of a high school.
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Who is Dean Martin?

Dean Martin (1917 - 1995) was an Italian-American singer, film actor, and comedian. He was known as one of the biggest music artists in the 1950's and 1960's. Martin was bor ( Full Answer )
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Who was Dean Acheson?

Dean Acheson was the secratry of State in early 1950. Dean Acheson was the secratry of State in early 1950. He also lives in Clapham, South London!
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Who is dean Winchester?

He is Jensen ackles from my bloody valentine and dean is on the show supernatural in channel 9 the cw 9/8c
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What is Dean?

In colleges and universities, a dean is the head or chief person ofa faculty or department. The dean has immediate authority overstudents in a specific faculty.
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Who was John Dean?

John Dean served as the 13th White House Counsel during thepresidency of Richard Nixon. Dean served from 1970 to 1973.
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Who was James Dean?

James Dean was an actor. He made 3 movies before his death. East of Eden, Rebel without a Cause and Giant.He had bit parts in a few other movies but he wasnt credited with tho ( Full Answer )
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Who is shariff dean?

Its a argerian sing . In 1972, he wrote and sing the most beautiful song I ever heard: Do you love me?. But try to hear No more troubles and summer hollidays, too.
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Who is Silas Deane?

(born Dec. 24, 1737, Groton, Conn.died Sept. 23, 1789, at sea near Deal, Kent, Eng.) U.S. diplomat. He served as a delegate to the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Malcolm Dean?

One of the greatest poets of all time known for his song "a Boi Md"
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Where is paula dean from?

She is originally from Albany, Georgia but she got into the food business in Savannah, Georgia. In Savannah, she ran a lunch service for a time before opening a small diner-st ( Full Answer )
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Who is Tyler dean?

He is a country music recording artist signed to Curb Records. His debut single was called, "Taylor Swift."
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Who was the dean of music?

My favorite is Taylor Swift of country,. but I think the true dean of music is either Elvis Presley or Paul McCartney.
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What is dean Winchester?

Dean Winchester is the main character, along with his brother Sam Winchester on the US hit series Supernatural. Dean and Sam are hunters, because their dad brought them into ( Full Answer )
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What did Brian deane do?

Brian Deane scored the first goal for the FA Premier League. Thiswas in 1992 when he played for Sheffield United.
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Who is Dean McClure?

i believe you mean troy mcclure and heres an example billy mays = real life tv salesman troy mccclure = simpsons tv series tv salesman
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Who is Dean Haidar?

Dean Haidar is a song writer from Houston, Texas who is also Dating singer and actress Demi Lovato
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What is Deans Blinds?

Deans Blinds and Awnings manufacture and install all types of patio awnings and commercial awnings including specialist all weather awnings for schools and restaurants.
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Who is Angela Dean?

There are probably several people by that name in the United States alone; in general, it helps to provide as much information as possible in the question. For example, a qui ( Full Answer )
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Who was Dean Ornish?

In 1989, Ornish began issuing data showing that the atherosclerotic patients he had been treating without drugs or invasive surgery had reduced the overall blockages in their ( Full Answer )
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What is Jimmy Dean?

Jimmy Dean was an United States Country music singer, television host, actor and businessman. Although he may be best known today as the creator of the Jimmy Dean Brand, De ( Full Answer )
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What is Banana Dean?

Unless that is a type of banana recipe, it appears to be someone's screen name according to the search engines. It could also be a real name in reverse order.
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What are dean foods?

Dean foods is a company that deals in the dairy industry. They are the largest processors and distributors of dairy products. The focus especially in milk/
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Who zilphia dean?

she is a girl a p[retty black one maybee one day will be a BOXER!
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Who is Deane Sequeira?

Deane Sequeira , a rising star in the Hip Hop, RnB- Rap scene, is India's youngest female RnB-rapper. Regardless of being just fifteen years old, her talent as a rapper, singe ( Full Answer )
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What is a Dean Winchester?

Dean Winchester is a who, not a what. He is one of the main characters on a show called 'Supernatural'. He is played by the actor Jensen Ackles.
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Who is dean from supernatural?

Dean Winchester from Supernatural is a beloved monster hunter andhero. He is played by Jensen Ackles.
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Is dean to skinny?

yes dean seems to be rather skinny guy so may refair as crouch he used to be fat and small now he is tall and skinny
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Is dean scared?

Dean is scared a lot of the time. He has to deal with a lot ofscary stuff.
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Who is ester dean?

Ester Dean. Singer-songwriter. Ester Renay Dean is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer. Her 2009 single "Drop It Low" featured singer Chris Brown. Wi ( Full Answer )
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What did Dean Martin do?

Dean Martin (1917-1995) was a singer, sometimes comedian,occasional actor. His greatest notoriety came from his comedypartnership with Jerry Lewis, from 1946 to 1956. Martin r ( Full Answer )
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Who is Dean Henderson?

Dean Henderson is the current academy player at Manchester Unitedwho joined in July 2013 and was born on 12 March 1997 (age 17).