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What is dea?

I may also mean the DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY Dea is the pricess of albania. she owned the butrini. she was know as Dea of Butrini. Hi its kelly, :) no! actually Dea was ( Full Answer )
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What do the FBI DEA and ATF have in common?

All three are federal law enforcement agencies. All three call their investigators Special agents. other than that not much. they use much of the same equipment. but if they w ( Full Answer )
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What is the DEA schedule?

DEA Schedules of Controlled Substances . The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 regulates the manufacturing, distribution, and dispensing of drugs that are known to have abuse ( Full Answer )
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What is Dea license mean?

DEA stands for The Drug Enforcement Administration. A DEA licenseis a license that is required by anyone in the research or medicalprofessional involved with manufacturing, di ( Full Answer )
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How do you become a dea agent?

go to college and get a bachelors degree in something related to law enforcement, get in really good shape and sign up for basic training. or join a police force to pad your r ( Full Answer )
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What is a DEA prescription number?

A DEA number is assigned to a medical provider. This number allowsthem to write prescriptions for medications their patients mayneed. The DEA number is registered with the Dru ( Full Answer )
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Salary Of An DEA Officer?

A Dea officer may only initially make $37,309 and $41,612 dependingon qualifications and education. Depending on those factors thesalary could be higher.
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Was Elvis Presley an DEA Agent?

Probably not, since he would have had to arrest and charge himself. yes he was Nixon made appointed him
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What is required to be in DEA?

1. GPA 3.1 OR Higher 2. Have a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Make sher your record is clean and have a good health.
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What do dea agents do?

To be short and sweet...... A DEA Agent basically gets leads on illegal drug dealers and suppliers. They then investigate and carry out raids and take downs going up higher an ( Full Answer )
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What deas it mean to be in love?

When you cant go for days without seeing that person that you are with and you care for that person and you will do anything for that someone like myself i been seeing this bo ( Full Answer )
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What does buenas deas mean?

I believe you mean buenos dias and that means good day or good morning in Spanish.
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What is the meaning of the name Dea?

The female name Dea means Goddess . It has Australian, Danish, English, French, German, Hebrew, and Latin origins.
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How many DEA numbers can a physician have?

As many as is required by law. At least one for each state the physician practices in. One for each individual location where he may dispense controlled substances from within ( Full Answer )
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What is does DEA stand for?

Dumb Energized Alligators it definetely does not stand for this and i bet ur trying to be funny but people want to find out what it means really!
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What is the mission statement of the DEA?

To enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States and bring to the criminal and civil justice system of the United States, or any other competent ( Full Answer )
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How do you cite the DEA?

Cite the information, for example, with (Drug Enforcement Administration [DEA], 2009) and subsequent citations (DEA, 2009). . Information from Diana Hacker, see related link: ( Full Answer )
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Who runs the DEA?

Privately owned that's how they get away with so much. Different rules when you don't have to fallow government laws. Look at wako in Texas.
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Who is Mr Deas in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Mr Deas is the owner of Tom Robinson. After Tom is found guilty, convicted and killed Mr Deas gives Helen Robinson work. as a person he is nice to all negros in the story.
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Is deas liom bualadh leat?

"Is deas liom" is away of saying "I like". "Bualadh leat" means "meeting you". "Is deas liom bualadh leat" doesnt make sense but it's probably supposed to mean "It's nic ( Full Answer )
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Who is the head of the DEA?

Reps. Jared Polis and Steve Cohen grilled Michele Leonhart Head of the DEA search You-Tube.
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What is Link Deas opinion of tom?

He respects him, hes worked for him for a while and has nevercaused any trouble.
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What drugs are on DEA List?

A lot more than I or you could think. Benzodiapins, Narcotics. Stimulants, Efedra. any actual potent drug or any that can be used to manufacture illegals. Example: you can onl ( Full Answer )
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Can i have tattoos in the dea?

Yes you can, but they discourage leg and arm tattoos that are visible while wearing the uniform
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What does 'Slainte Cailin Deas' mean?

Sláinte, means "health", but in this form it is typically used as a toast. Cailín deas means nice girl. So, I suppose if one is toasting a nice girl, they might say: "Sl ( Full Answer )
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What does a doctors DEA number stand for?

A doctor's DEA (drug enforcement agency) number is a number issued by the government to doctors who can prescribe narcotics so that the drugs can be accounted for.
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Which branch controls the DEA?

The Drug Enforcement Administration is part of the executive branch. Think of it this way: The legislative branch makes laws, the executive branch enforces laws. Law enforceme ( Full Answer )

How are the FBI and DEA different?

the FBI has to do with federal crimes and the dea is the drug enforcement agency which deals with drug related crimes
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When was the DEA established?

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was established by President Richard Nixon through an Executive Order in July of 1973.
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How do you pronounce Dea-maidin in Irish?

Another failed attempt by google translator; this time it's "Good morning". An accurate translation would be "Dia dhuit ar maidin" or "Móra na maidine dhuit". Google t ( Full Answer )
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How does link deas help helen-?

After Tom's death, Link Deas helped Helen by giving her a job. Healso protected her on her way home.
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Why does the DEA exist?

To protect and serve the community you live in and stop the use and distribution of "bad" drugs and narcotics so this world may function correctly and keep us safe. They are l ( Full Answer )
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Who has the authority over who The DEA or the FDA?

The DEA is under the Department of Justice. The FDA is under theDepartment of Health and Human Services. One does not haveauthority over the other. There is a Memo of Understa ( Full Answer )