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Why do people deceive?

Answer . because they can, and it is a game to not get cought and if you do catch them out or come close to catching them they withdrawl, and try to change the subject,
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What does 'deceiver' mean?

From - ' someone who leads you to believe something that is not true.' In Christian terms, this is sometimes used as a description or a synonym for Satan.
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What does looks can be deceiving?

Someone may be putting on a show for you but they may have other intentions than what they are leading you onto.. Jesus said beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing. He/She mi ( Full Answer )
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What is the ability of the deceivers for Madden 08?

I have recently found out about this team, I know for sure that they have 5 downs, infinite time outs, if you do a penalty like enrouchment or jumping before the hike, theres ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with deceive?

achieve . aggrieve . believe . bereave . conceive . grieve . heave . leave . naive . perceive . receive . relieve . reprieve . Steve . weave receive
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What is deceiving?

decieving is when you break your heart...i think. When you lie to someone or make them believe something untrue is true and vice versa
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What is a couplet for deceive?

There are several words that could be couplets for deceive. Thereis receive, perceive, receipt, and several other words as well.
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What is the definition of deceive?

Causing someone to believe that something is not true, usually in order to gain some personal advantage. .
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How can appearances be deceiving?

What someone looks like does not always tell who they are. One common example would be a guy with long hair. Many people will assume he is a pot head or drug addict, but while ( Full Answer )
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A sentence for deceive?

In order to deceive a buyer, a used-car seller sometimes turns back the mileage counter on the car . A business owner who tries to deceive customers should be reported to the ( Full Answer )
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Who was the man who deceived Jacob?

His uncle, Laban. Jacob wished to marry Rachel and agreed to work for Laban seven years. Laban used a veil to pull 'a fast one', and gave him the older sister, Leah, instead. ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms of deceive?

Mislead . Delude . Bluff . Beguile . Trick . Cozen . Dupe . Fool . Gull . Take in . String along . Bamboozle . Belie . Humbug . Hoodwink . Hoax . Have ( Full Answer )
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What does looks can be deceiving mean?

It means that you should get to know a person better before judging them by there beauty/ugliness. The guy/girl could be the hottest person you had ever seen and you would rea ( Full Answer )
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How did Penelope deceive the suitors?

Penelope promised to decide which one of the suitors to marry when she finished her death shroud for Laertes. But, she secretly unraveled the parts she weaved every night. Thi ( Full Answer )
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Who played the little girl in deceived?

Okay, I know this isn't that helpful. However, I'll say this anyways - Tcute little girl was adorable but when I try to see who she was online I never find anything. Sorry if ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence with deceived?

Katy put a fake spider in Tiffany's room to scare her, and Tiffany, deceived, screamed and ran away.
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How do you deceive an Aquarius?

Discretion is the better part of valor. Therefore, it would be prudent not to deceive someone born under the sign of Aquarius (or under any other sun sign, for that matter).
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What is the adjective of deceive?

The adjective forms of the verb to deceive are the presentparticiple, deceiving , the past participle, deceived ; deceptive and deceitful .
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What is a sentence using the word deceive?

it is deceive if you'r cat/dog/husband/wife is going to live or not omg lol just randomly thought of that lol :L
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How do religious people deceive others?

Answer: Since there is no way to provide evidence of a higher power, the religious have developed many ways to deceive people. Some are aware of the deception while others ma ( Full Answer )
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Is deceiving haraam?

Yes it is a major sin in the sight of Allah. This started when Shaytaan tricked Adam (A.S) and his wife Hawaa into eating from the tree Allah had forbidden them from eating.
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What is deceive in Japanese?

騙す (damasu) means 'deceive' in Japanese.. Example: 彼はあなたを騙すような人ではない (kare wa damasu ( Full Answer )
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Does Lady Macbeth deceive macbeth?

In a way, Lady Macbeth does deceive her husband (Macbeth). She encourages Macbeth to kill Duncan (the current king of Scotland) in order for Macbeth to become King of Scotland ( Full Answer )
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Why would God deceive the prophets?

A: Whether God deceived the prophets is a matter of biblical interpretation. If we interpret their writings as prophecies of events that never came to pass, then he deceived ( Full Answer )
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Why was the serpent used to deceive Eve?

A: Like the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the serpent was a common motif in many ancient Near Eastern religions. It demonstrates the fear and awe felt for snakes, ( Full Answer )
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Is the Catholic Church deceiving people?

No....we have nothing to gain, our kingdom is not of this earth exclusively, however if you are going to trust someone, do you trust God fearing men, or those who make a profi ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun for deceive?

Noun forms for the verb deceive are deceiver , deceit , deception , and the gerund, deceiving .
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How did the serpent know to deceive Eve?

A: In the story of Adam and Eve, the snake was immensely wise and understood that the forbidden fruit would not really cause Eve to die, as God had said to Adam. He knew the ( Full Answer )
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What is the differences between lying and deceiving?

Lying is being untruthful, it prevents the truth or deviates it. Deceiving is to cause someone to believe a lie. It's basically the same thing in a way.
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Was eve a deceiver?

The cosmic plan had to be carried out, Eve was only the median, this is my belief.Just as in our life we are unable control some aspects of the outcome and have to lets nature ( Full Answer )
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What is noun of deceive?

The noun forms for the verb to deceive are deceiver and the gerund, deceiving . Another noun form is deception.
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How was Isaac deceived?

He was old and nearly blind. His wife Rebekah disguised his son Jacob with a goat's skin, so when the aged Isaac touched him, he felt the hairy pelt and thought he was talking ( Full Answer )