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Deed in lieu?

Often confused with a "short sell", a "deed in lieu" is used when a homeowner facing foreclosure asks the lender to accept the deed instead (in lieu) of foreclosure. A sample ( Full Answer )
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What is a deed?

A deed is a written instrument used to convey or transfer an interest in real estate.
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What is registrar of deeds?

The registrar of deeds is a section within the government thatmaintains public records. They are responsible for recording thingsrelated to real estate ownership and other pro ( Full Answer )
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What deed is a voluntary deed?

Any deed executed by a legally competent owner by their own free will is a voluntary deed.
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Do you commit or do deeds?

(1.1) You commit crimes (of various types). (1.2) Or you commit money/time/energy etc to something in order to accomplish something. (2.1) You do deeds . A deed is sim ( Full Answer )
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How can you do good deeds?

some good deeds that are easy to do are like clean up the house(for parents) or mow the lawn (for parents and nieghbors) shoveling snow is also nice and easy
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What are deed stamps?

Deed stamps are revenue stamps attached to land deeds to pay taxes on the transfer of title.
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How do you get out of a deed?

India Both parties are to give their mutual consent before the LearnedCourt that they intend to get out of the deed voluntarily. Afterthe same has been duly accepted by the ( Full Answer )