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Deed in lieu?

Often confused with a "short sell", a "deed in lieu" is used when a homeowner facing foreclosure asks the lender to accept the deed instead (in lieu) of foreclosure. A sample ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a copy of a deed?

Deeds and land records are recorded at the town or county land records office where the land is located. Some offices provide an online access to land records. Some provide th ( Full Answer )
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What is a vesting deed?

it's legal process of transfer the property to one person to another Eg( buyer to seller)
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What is a quitclaim deed?

A quitclaim deed is the instrument by which a person transfers their interest in land to another person. A quitclaim deed carries no guaranty that the grantor owns an interest ( Full Answer )
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What is a security deed?

A security deed is used as part of a mortgage type transaction. It is a conditional conveyance of the property to the lender while the debt is outstanding. Legal title is tran ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a deed made?

Any deed should be drafted by an attorney who specializes in real estate law. A deed affects the permanent transfer of ownership of land. Errors made by non-professionals (inc ( Full Answer )
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Is deeded a word?

Is Deeded A Word . No, deeded is not a word whoever asked this question because deeded is already pural.. Of course "deeded" is a word. The asker is referring to the verb ( Full Answer )
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What is a sheriff's deed?

sheriff deed is the deed given by the court order for the non payment of taxes or judgments
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What is a deed?

A deed is a written instrument used to convey or transfer an interest in real estate.
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What is registrar of deeds?

The registrar of deeds is a section within the government thatmaintains public records. They are responsible for recording thingsrelated to real estate ownership and other pro ( Full Answer )
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What is a property deed?

A deed is the legal document by which ownership of interests in real property are conveyed. Deeds therefore identify the ownership of property as well as the source of that ow ( Full Answer )
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What is a master deed?

A Master Deed is the instrument that is used by a condominium developer (sponsor) to convert a single property to a scheme of individually owned units in multi-unit buildings ( Full Answer )
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What deed is a voluntary deed?

Any deed executed by a legally competent owner by their own free will is a voluntary deed.
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Do you commit or do deeds?

(1.1) You commit crimes (of various types). (1.2) Or you commit money/time/energy etc to something in order to accomplish something. (2.1) You do deeds . A deed is sim ( Full Answer )
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How can you do good deeds?

some good deeds that are easy to do are like clean up the house(for parents) or mow the lawn (for parents and nieghbors) shoveling snow is also nice and easy
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What are deed stamps?

Deed stamps are revenue stamps attached to land deeds to pay taxes on the transfer of title.
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Can a deed be revoked?

Generally, deeds cannot be revoked once they have been signed by the grantor and delivered to the grantee unless there was some condition in the deed that wasn't met. That typ ( Full Answer )
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What is a registrar of deeds?

Land records offices generally have public official who is in charge of recording documents that affect real property. Register of Deeds is the most common form. The first ( Full Answer )
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What is a deed of grant?

That is an term of art used in some jurisdictions to describe a deed that conveys a fee interest in real property.
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What is a deed poll?

A deed poll is a kind of legal document that proves that you've changed your name . Deed polls are used in the UK, Ireland, and some other Commonwealth countries. In the UK ( Full Answer )
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What are deeds in Islam?

deeds in Islam are things such as helping people,praying for our god,and all good things
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What is a Deed of Waiver?

A Deed of Waiver usually means that a person is formally waivingtheir rights to something they are otherwise entitled. In adivorce, for instance, some parties agree to sign a ( Full Answer )
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How do you change your deed?

You need to have a new deed drafted that reflects the desired changes. Deeds should always be drafted by an attorney. Errors made by non-professionals can be costly to correct ( Full Answer )
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What can you call a deed?

Some other words you can call a deed are: accomplishment, act, action, adventure, ballgame, big idea, bit, byplay, cause, commission, crusade, do, enterprise, exploit, fact, ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a deed to your property?

You have to either contact the bank or the State. You should have gotten a deed when you made the purchase.
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Where is the deed to your property?

It should be recorded in the land records for your jurisdiction. You can visit that office and obtain a copy. If it was not recorded then you need to find it and record it. I ( Full Answer )
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Can you get out of a deed of trust?

Yes, by paying off the debt. Yes, by paying off the debt. Yes, by paying off the debt. Yes, by paying off the debt.
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What is a Fiduciary deed?

A fiduciary is a person who has the legal authority and responsibility to act for another. Fiduciaries are in a special position of trust and governed by laws that define thei ( Full Answer )
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When is a deed effective?

A deed is effective against the grantor once it is signed and delivered to the grantee. It is affective against the world once it is recorded in the land records. See relate ( Full Answer )
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How do you get out of a deed?

India Both parties are to give their mutual consent before the LearnedCourt that they intend to get out of the deed voluntarily. Afterthe same has been duly accepted by the ( Full Answer )
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Who is Gus Deeds?

Gus Deeds is the son of Sen. Creigh Deeds. On November 19, 2013,Gus stabbed his father in their home and then shot himself.
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Where can you get a ladybird deed?

A Lady Bird Deed is said to be named after Lady Bird Johnson because President Johnson reportedly transferred property to his wife by utilizing such a deed. It is an unusual a ( Full Answer )
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What if your name is on the deed but no will?

If your name is on the deed then you own the property as long as the deed is valid and properly recorded in the land records.